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Tyranny Previews and Audio Interview

A fistful of new news regarding Obsidian Entertainment's upcoming CRPG Tyranny has made its way to the web this weekend, starting with an article on PCGamesN that shares information on the game while also quoting game director Brian Heins: Next, we move to a standard GDC-based preview on HardcoreGamer: Before concluding with an audio interview with game director Brian Heins on AM 640 (via SoundCloud). read more

Age of Conan Update Adds Pit Master's Arena, Game Director Letter

In addition to sending us a press release today revealing how Age of Conan players can now "fight for glory against each other or summon their pets for epic monster battles in The Pit Master's Arena", Funcom's official website for the MMORPG has been updated with a letter penned by game director "Tilty" on what this new feature brings to the game.The letter goes into much greater detail on the new content, so I'll quote from that: read more

Jurassic World 2 turns to The Orphanage director -

The Jurassic World sequel will be directed by The Impossible and The Orphanage helmer Juan Antonio Bayona, Universal has announced.Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow remains involved, having penned the sequel's script with Derek Connolly. read more

Original Shenmue Director Returning For Shenmue 3

While we’ve known since last Summer that Shenmue 3 is officially happening, to this day we’re still getting new announcements regarding who is involved with the project and how things are going.We got a new update regarding the development of the game on Kickstarter recently, and this one revealed that the original game’s director has returned to help with the third one. read more