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The Chocobo Theme Performed With Drum And Flute Blocks In Stardew Valley

Here’s a really neat way to use note blocks in farming sim Stardew Valley.Instead of growing vegetables, Chinchilla made a small field with note blocks, playing the well-known Chocobo Theme from Final Fantasy. read more

This DIY Arcade Cabinet Is Made from IKEA Parts

Building an awesome arcade cabinet is something we’ve shown you how to do before, several times, but this one is made (mostly) from IKEA components that are easy to buy, easy to mod, and designed to fit just about any game system, old or new.If you’re interested in it, here’s what you’ll need, according to SIN Tchan, an IKEA Hackers reader in Paris who built this himself: Of course, you’ll also need a console you want to use with the setup, which SIN Tchan left out of the price breakdown (but included in the list on the site,) but are obviously pretty important. read more

Tetris, Running On A Tiny LCD

Besides Doom, Tetris is one game that gets all kinds of silly ports all time.Enthusiast Numeric compressed the game into a 10x16 frame and made it work on a very tiny character display. read more

Age of Empires II Buildings, In LEGO Form

Here are some nice LEGO versions of essential medieval buildings from Age of Empires II by a group of LEGO enthusiasts.An Archery Range by Mark of Falworth and Barracks by Andrew JN above, and a few more below. read more

Someone Ported Flappy Bird To An E-Cigarette

The cyberpunk dystopian future of Blade Runner, with its artificial landscapes, might never become a reality.We’re heading into a much weirder version of the future. read more

Linux PC built in a Nintendo DS-sized package

OEMs are building some impressively small computers these days, but not many of them pack an entire PC into a package the size of a Nintendo DS like this one does.It’s basically a miniaturized laptop — it has a full-color LCD display, QWERTY keyboard, and a battery — built around a Raspberry Pi 2 board. read more

Intel launches $250 kit to build robots with Kinect-like vision

That’s pretty cool, but Intel wants to encourage makers to let their imaginations run wild.To help them out, Intel has launched a RealSense robotics development kit. read more

Star Wars' Giant Medical Frigate, In LEGO Form

It’s a 980 feet long ship, so the LEGO model had to be a giant one as well, with everything carefully revised to get the proportions and details as accurate as possible.Here’s the frigate (via Eurobricks Forums) from different angles and with a mini Falcon. read more

Half-Life's Black Mesa Test Chamber, In LEGO Form

One of the most memorable scenes of Half-Life was right at the beginning, when Gordon Freeman woke up in a severely damaged test chamber, realizing that getting out of the facility will be a bit problematic.LEGO builder Dorian Glacet created a superb diorama, called Resonance Cascade, showing the events that led to this very important moment, using LDD and Mecabricks. read more