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Judge rejects $12M Lyft class-action settlement

A deal between Lyft and lawyers representing some drivers, in which the ride-hailing app would pay $12.But Chhabria's calculation of that reimbursement, using the drivers' own methodology, was that it's worth more than $126 million. read more

'Textalyzers' uld be used to catch distracted drivers

Under the planned law drivers involved in accidents would have their phones tested by police using a "textalyzer", Murphy explained.Failure or refusal to hand over a device would result in the "revocation of the driver's license or permit. read more

Gaming: Introducing Radeon Software Crimson Edi... | Community

For the last 12 months, our software engineers have been hard at work on many exciting features and innovations.On November 2, we announced Radeon Software Crimson Edition to the world. read more