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Dark Souls 3's first DLC arrives in autumn - Dark Souls 3 for PS4 News

Dark Souls 3's first DLC pack is due to release in autumn, Bandai Namco has confirmed, with a second pack due to arrive at a later date.While Namco has yet to announce specific details on what each pack will include, it previously promised new bosses, enemies, weapons and armour, as well as new locations to explore. read more

PlayStation VR launches in October for £349 -

It won't, however, include a PlayStation Camera, which Sony says is required to use PSVR.Over 240 third-party publishers and developers are working on PS VR as well, although there appear to be a number of key omissions, including Activision, Rockstar, Bethesda and Epic Games. read more

Hitman 1.03 update 'improves load times', 'restores Requiem Pack items' - Hitman Episode One – The Showstopper for PS4 News

IO Interactive has begun rolling out a new patch for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Hitman that aims to improve load times, fix issues with scoring and restore pre-order customers' missing Requeim Pack items.It also introduces 10 new challenges that task players of killing their targets while wearing the Vampire Magician disguise. read more

Hitman dev asks fans if they'd rather kill Gary Busey or Gary Cole in new mission - Hitman Episode One – The Showstopper for PS4 News

Hitman developer IO Interactive has asked fans whether they'd rather kill Lethal Weapon actor Gary Busey or Harvey Birdman's voice actor Gary Cole in a new mission coming to the game this summer.The actor with the most votes will, judging by the video, be recreated as a target in-game for a new contract due to release later this year. read more

Pokemon Go Down Due to Server Issues

Original Story: Pokemon Go was never the most stable game out there.After a while things calmed down, many players left the game, and developer Niantic beefed up their servers across the globe. read more

Some Nintendo Switch Owners Report Warped Consoles

If it’s not one thing, it’s another for early adopters of the Nintendo Switch, apparently.Those who play more in handheld mode, or who split their time fairly evenly between console and handheld, aren’t experiencing the problem at all. read more