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Mass Effect: New Earth Amusement Park Attraction Gets Its Own Teaser Trailer

In September, we reported on a Mass Effect-themed amusement park attraction coming this year.Today we get our first look at it by way of teaser trailer. read more

American McGee fans are petitioning EA for a new Alice game

The franchise, known officially as American McGee's Alice has two titles so far, neither of which have received particularly spectacular reviews.Both games have developed quite a cult following however, receiving praise for their dark portrayals of Lewis Carroll's original in both writing and artwork. read more

Dark Souls 3 Creeps To The Top Of The UK Video Game Charts

Quantum Break became one of Microsoft’s best selling games on the Xbox One console, but it had to bow down to the mighty Dark Souls 3 in the most recent UK video game charts.GFK Chart-Track reported that Dark Souls 3 claimed to the top of the charts in a big way. read more

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst PC Specs Revealed

Today, DICE unveiled the minimum and recommended PC specifications for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.Check out the full details below and see how your rig shapes up: The upcoming first-person action game is set to get a closed beta next week, which will include main missions, side missions and more, along with testing its online systems. read more

EA has just announced a slight delay for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

The new release dates are June 7th for North America and June 9 for Europe.This is the second delay for the free-running first-person game, which was previously slated to come out in February but then moved to May 24. read more

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is delayed yet again

The plot to Mirror's Edge Catalyst revolves around Faith's origins and her attempt to overthrow a totalitarian conglomerate of corporations who rule the city of Glass.It is the second time Mirror's Edge Catalyst has had its release date delayed. read more

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Delayed To June 7

Electronic Arts today announced that Mirror’s Edge is getting yet another delay.After moving to May 24 from an earlier announced released date of February 23, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is once again pushing out its release, this time to June 7, and June 9 in Europe. read more

FIFA 16 now on EA Access - FIFA 16 for Xbox One News

FIFA 16 is now available to download on EA and Origin Access.The download offers subscribers unlimited access to the full game, including the opportunity to play online with friends and unlock achievements. read more

Bespin expansion, new hero characters, and more coming to Star Wars: Battlefront this June

EA recently announced on its blog that new additions will be coming to Star Wars Battlefront come June.YouTube game commentator Westie says in his info video on the Bespin DLC that the news that both Lando and Dengar will appear in the game is both hot and cold: "You couldn't do a Bespin DLC without including Lando. read more

Battlefield 1 Hype, Battlefront 2 Doubts, and more: AOTF Podcast #30

Will and I are back for AOTF Podcast #30, giving you another discussion of the week’s gaming news.The first, and most interesting of these has to be the official unveiling of Battlefield 1, which was formerly known as Battlefield 5. read more

EA Originals Announced To Give All Profits Back To Small Developers, First Game Announced As Fe

EA is holding their first annual EA Play conference right now and of course they are discussing the likes of series such as Titanfall, Madden, and Mass Effect, but they also focused on the smaller scale with their new EA Originals.EA Originals seem to be their way of helping smaller indie developers to make games with the good will of helping them get all their profits earned, which is a big deal. read more

Juventus To Feature In FIFA 17 Demo As Club Is Exclusive To EA Sports

Italian football club, Juventus, has just announced that it has partnered with EA Sports to be exclusive for FIFA 17 and beyond.have agreed a three-year partnership making EA SPORTS the exclusive and official video game partner of the Serie A Champions, starting with FIFA 17. read more

EA Isn't Sure About Nintendo NX Support At This Time

With Gamescom currently going on, EA’s Peter Moore sat down with Eurogamer to discuss a variety of different topics, one of which was the Nintendo NX.He was asked what EA’s stance on supporting the NX was, in which he responded. read more

EA Exec Says Nintendo Has Been Listening To Third Parties With Nintendo Switch

This really came to a head during the Wii U, where there were droughts with hardly any game releases.The Nintendo Switch has definitely been a rather polarizing topic since its grand reveal a couple weeks ago, largely due to the lack of games shown at launch. read more

EA Bringing 10-hour Mass Effect: Andromeda Demo to EA Access

Electronic Arts is giving Mass Effect: Andromeda fans a chance to try out the game before it hits stores.If you’re an Xbox One owner using the EA Access program, or a PC gamer using the similar Origin Access service, you’ll get to try out the full game for 10 hours, starting on March 16th, before having to wait until launch day, which is March 21st. read more

Peter Moore Leaves EA to Become Liverpool FC's Chief Executive Officer

According to a post on LFC’s official website, Peter Moore will move to Liverpool and join the club this summer season.According to a message by EA CEO Andrew Wilson, Moore has always dreamed to become CEO of his “beloved” team, so this whole transition is akin to a dream come true for Moore. read more

EA Access Sending 'Thank You' Packages to Longtime Subscribers

Now it seems like those who have stuck with the program are getting a little extra value with EA Access sending out “thank you” packages to longtime subscribers.You can check out a lot of them right here, with the official EA Access Twitter account sharing tweets from those who have received the packages. read more

EA Play 2017 — Roundup

Today EA Play 2017, EA’s annual event for E3, took place in Los Angeles.Patrick Soderlund used Madden NFL 18 as an example to highlight how everything will look sharper and more realistic. read more

Star Wars: Battlefront II gameplay leaks ahead of EA Play 2017

Publishers spend a lot of time trying to surprise gamers but others aren’t that careful.It looks like footage from a YouTuber’s channel leaked early and was posted to various forms of social media and video-sharing websites. read more