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The Collegiate eSport program is expanding into Vainglory

Originally Heroes of the Storm’s Collegiate tournament increased procrastination tenfold when it added an eSports tournament at the university level, albeit for a good cause.In its wake, Heroes of The Storm has now inspired other eSports to enter the dorm, this time combining the number one devices accredited to procrastination – mobile devices. read more

Nintendo taking five upcoming titles to PAX East, Metroid Prime: Federation Force launches August 19

Among those is Metroid Prime: Federation Force, which has also received a release date of August 19 for North America.The five games Nintendo is taking are Star Fox Zero, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Kirby: Planet Robobot, Monster Hunter Generations, and Metroid Prime: Federation Force. read more

The Best Cosplay from PAX East 2016 - Zelda, The Walking Dead, League of Legends, and More

But by far one of the best things about the entire show is the cosplay.Fans come from around the world to either show off their creations, or check out other people’s. read more