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BattleTech Post-funding Update #26

After what seemed like a short hiatus, Harebrained Schemes is back for a 26th update to their BattleTech Kickstarter campaign.In this entry, Jordan Weisman discusses the challenges of translating the tabletop mechanics to an electronic medium, the design goals that they've set out to accomplish with the RPG, the "rapid prototyping" that's necessary to get a feel for each of its mechanics, and more. read more

For Honor Holds the Top in UK Charts From Halo Wars 2

Available on Xbox One and PC, Halo Wars 2 is an RTS that preserves and expands the experience of the first entry despite the change in the development team.But on the other hand, undisclosed reports indicate that the game is performing significantly worse than the original Halo Wars, which debuted also at number 2 with 65. read more