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Final Fantasy IV Advance heads toward the light with Wii U Virtual Console release

If you're not tired of being saturated with Final Fantasy IV releases yet, there's yet another one coming.Nintendo has announced next week's Virtual Console lineup in Japan, complete with Final Fantasy IV Advance. read more

Final Fantasy IX now available on Steam, Beatrix finally lets us through

When the mobile release launched in February, PC gamers were hopeful the Steam release wouldn't be far behind.As March came to a close, Final Fantasy IX fans began questioning the defiinition of "early 2016" as there was no hope. read more

Final Fantasy XV brings 16-bit buddies and Masamune as digital pre-order bonuses

There is a serious lack of moogles and kupos Square Enix has revealed a few bonuses for fans who have already placed or plan on placing pre-orders for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.For the most part, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers will get the same items. read more

Future Final Fantasy XV DLC To Explore Ardyn's Backstory

While Final Fantasy XV was a beautiful and engaging game, for many it struggled with plot holes large enough to ride a chocobo through.We learn toward the end of the game that he has a connection to Noctis’ kingdom and was once a hero, before being wronged by someone else within Noctis’ lineage. read more