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How to beat Falcon Lost Incursion in Tom Clancy's The Division - Guide -

Listen, lads, Ubisoft knew they had to try and keep The Division interesting, and with that goal in mind they've updated it with a new game mode to take on.Falcon Lost is the first new Incursion, found in the Stuyvesant area of the map (in the very bottom right corner). read more

Tom Clancy's The Division Guide: Advanced Combat Tips and How to Survive the Endgame -

Because missions always tend to go more smoothly if you're playing with friends and you know everyone's preferred tactics, you should ideally organise it so that's who you're playing with.If you don't you're going to learn your lesson the hard way (i. read more

Can the man behind DayZ make the RTS work in VR? -

It also heightens the feeling of playing a 'real' strategy game: you have to reach down and place units and items on the board.Its childlike presentation belies a strangely affecting sense of danger, particularly when faced with three or more enemies. read more

The Division Guide: Tips For Beating The Clear Sky Incursion

1 update that brought the game’s first incursion with Falcon Lost and now the 1.2 update has arrived and brought us the second incursion that actually feels more like an extra story mission than the wave-based last incursion. read more

Tales Of Berseria Guide: How To Level Up Quickly

Tales of Berseria is an action-oriented RPG that will put plenty of enemies in your path throughout the adventure, and being well-prepared for those enemies is crucial in overcoming them.First of all, you gain experience points that go towards leveling up your characters by completing enemy encounters. read more

Persona 5 Guide: How to Get Personas

There are many Personas to unlock in Persona 5, this is a guide on how to get Personas and use them to create powerful new ones.Starting off the game you’ll be given a starting Persona, but you’ll quickly encounter many ways to get new ones. read more

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Guide: How To Switch To Your Pistol

You’ll have plenty of different weapons to choose from as you mow down the countless enemies facing you in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, though some you’ll use more than others.You’ll have your sniper rifle equipped by default, though you can switch to your other weapon via the traditional triangle/y-button press. read more