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Gaming: Team CS:GO Gamers for Giving 2016 L... | Community

Enter Team AMD, a newly founded grassroots competitive CS:GO team composed of AMD employees and AMD Red Team Plus members.The team’s main objective is to carry AMD’s enthusiasm for all things gaming into the community with our competitive gaming spirit and eSports involvement. read more

Let's talk about Vainglory

It’s honestly surprising that Vainglory has not seen more limelight since its birth, since mobile gaming constitutes one of the largest gaming player bases in the world.Despite competing with some of the biggest competitive eSports in the world, Vainglory also shares the competitive eSports market with Hearthstone, the flagship mobile eSports. read more

We need eSports tournaments like Heroes of the Dorm in South Africa

Heroes of the Dorm has wrapped up, and the team from Arizona is walking away with their tuition fees paid.Either, they love sports (or a sport in particular) and will watch and support their team no matter what. read more

Rumble in The Jungle: The importance of a coach in eSports

We’re reaching a stage where eSports is becoming a lot more professional, and with that comes norms we’d see in the ever popular comparison between sports and eSports.What does a coach do, what do they bring to the team and why is this the future of eSports? read more

Interview: Team Allegiance's Lassiz on life as a SMITE eSport player

Drew "Lassiz" Boyd is one of the original SMITE pro players, as well as one of the first to stream the game on Twitch.I was immediately interested because I tried this one game,  Land of Chaos Online and it was a much more unrefined 3D MOBA. read more

Korean StarCraft II Players Sure Know How To Hide Their Identity

Using lower case Ls and capitalized Is to create barcode names to remain anonymous sort of became a trend in competitive StarCraft II, and sometimes it results in perfect ladder moments like this one above.Currently almost everyone in the Korean top 100 and everyone, except the number one player, in the Korean top 20 is represented by a barcode. read more

That's One Way To Play Overwatch

Blizzard’s shooter isn’t even out, yet some folks already found ways to play the game absolutely unintended ways.Instead of chasing each other on the map, these players have set up a silly orb deflecting mini-game. read more

Team SoloMid In Another League Of Legends Final, But Won't Have Any More Help

On the other hand, was TSM’s win over Immortals as impressive as it looked at first glance?The first game looked exactly like Immortals vs. read more

Nielsen: 12% of gamers are eSports fans

With tournament prize pools overtaking traditional sports, and major events selling out huge arenas, it’s looking like eSports is becoming mainstream.According to research company Nielsen via Games Industry, only 12% of gamers consider themselves eSports fans. read more

SB Nation, Polygon launch League of Legends site

With eSports gaining momentum, traditional sports and gaming outlets are experimenting with new formats to cover the emerging scene.The latest such foray comes from Vox-owned sites Polygon and SB Nation, which today jointly launched The Rift Herald, a new community site dedicated to covering League of Legends. read more

Nielsen: eSports audience is 81 per cent male

Though eSports is one of the fastest growing markets in the games business, new research from Nielsen indicates that, in terms of audience demographics, it's something of a throwback.Nielsen's 360� Gaming Report laid out some relatively familiar observations about the composition of the increasingly diverse audience for games: 49 per cent of mobile/tablet gamers and 35 per cent of 8th generation console players are female, both of which defy the common perception of gamers from the industry's past. read more

Dial M for MOBA: Why battle arenas are replacing MMOs

Move over WoW - there's a new three letter word on the throne, and it isn't "kek".Why play "pretty close to WoW" when I could just spend my years in WoW? read more

Why You Might be More into Halo eSports than You'd Expect

Alright, so I know that eSports are already a tough sell for many, but hear me out.I totally get it - but I still think there might be something interesting for you American sports fans out there, specifically for these two reasons: 1. read more

Cloud9 Creates All-Star Challenger Series League Of Legends Team

Taking yet another stab at preparing for life after Hai, the Cloud9 League of Legends organization announced yesterday that it would be starting a new Challenger Series team to compete this summer, seeded with Cloud9 starters.“Since I’m doing this whole challenger thing,” Hai said, “that means the LCS roster is changing. read more

NRG eSports appoints new CEO

LA's NRG eSports has a new CEO in Andrew Pruett, formerly the Global Head of iAd Publisher Relations at Apple."I am honored to join and work alongside the best in class business leadership--spanning traditional sports, marketing, media, technology, entrepreneurship and esports athletes," Pruett told ESPN. read more

Update: Gfinity says Xbox One sales figures were estimated

Despite entering into a partnership with Microsoft to provide eSport tournament creation software for the Xbox One, the company says it is unaware of the actual figure.� A slip up by Gfinity CEO Neville Upton during a press release has seemingly revealed the sales figures for the Xbox One, something Microsoft has gone to great lengths to protect. read more

A Hero's Spell-Stealing Ability Just Wrecked Team Secret's Night in DOTA 2

Some lack of coordination has put them on the verge of elimination early following losses in their group.And then, almost fifty minutes later, Empire won what had turned into the longest game of the tournament by doing the exact same thing. read more

Match-Fixing Report Shows How Gambling Has Ruined Korean StarCraft

The Korean prosecutor’s office leading the StarCraft 2 match-fixing investigation released its report this week, and the results are not good for fans of the sport.This is the kind of gambling money flooding into esports in Korea. read more

Virtual Reality - Where is it heading, and what does that mean to us?

If you've been keeping track of PAX East this weekend, you would've noticed the fact that VR is a subject that is mentioned quite often.And if the trend is to continue in its current direction, that is very likely to become a reality relatively soon. read more