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Boerue - Shamanic Sci-Fi Animation Series

You’ve been to Olympus, seen Ra and fallen in love with Thor, experienced karma and achieved Nirvana.As an animation series, Boerue is about examining the synergy of art, religion and science by asking two important questions: “Who is entitled to posess knowledge? read more

Nintendo hasn't Revealed the NX to Avoid 'Imitators'

The Nintendo NX is set to launch in just under nine months.This is a bit surprising to say because, at this point, we still have no idea what the Nintendo NX even is. read more

For Honor Beta First Impressions: Is it Worth Buying?

But once you resist the urge to throw your fist through your screen long enough to figure it all out, then you will find a pretty fun game buried under all the raging.It’s not perfect, more on that later, but when it works combat feels fun and fresh. read more

Breath of the Wild is the Most Difficult 3D Zelda Game Ever

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild changes this, and it does so in a fascinating way.We all know by now that Breath of the Wild is a fully open world game. read more

Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide: Fighting Corrupted Machines

Inside these special zones, as well as during quests, you will come across corrupted machines, which can be very difficult to take down, so we are here to give you some tips on how to defeat such enemies in Horizon: Zero Dawn.The ones we are talking about are corrupted versions of existing machines in the game, which basically means they have been infected. read more

Persona 5 Menus Are The Next Best Internet Meme

The game definitely has found a way to make turn-based RPGs to look “cool,” and wouldn’t all games look cooler with these menus?That’s what Persona fans on the internet must have thought, since platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are being flooded with images and videos of other games or even movies or TV shows with the Persona 5 interface pasted on. read more