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How technology uld help millions of female refugees

About 41 per cent of the world's refugees are children, and about half of all refugees are women.A group of coders, designers, NGOs and academics are working to develop technology that can inform and educate female refugees of all ages. read more

New Sonic game to be revealed in July? -

The event, which is being held in San Diego on July 22, will also feature live performances from Sonic music creators Crush 40 and be host to some "very special announcements".But while SEGA has yet to confirm plans to reveal a new game at the event, PR & Social Media Manager Aaron Webber strongly hinted at a new game announcement during an SXSW panel hosted on Saturday. read more

First-person drone racing descends upon Wembley Stadium

Yesterday evening, April 13, a swarm of drones descended upon Wembley Stadium in London.Organised by EE, chip maker Qualcomm, and the European Rotor Sports Association (ERSA), the event was "a chance to celebrate the recent success of Europe’s leading pilots," EE wrote in a press release. read more

Final Fantasy XV's release date is being announced tonight - Final Fantasy XV for PS4 News

The release date for Final Fantasy XV will be revealed tonight during a special Final Fantasy event taking place in LA.The event, which is being broadcast live on Twitch, YouTube and Xbox One from 3am BST, promises "major announcements and surprises", including the game's final release date. read more

DC Rebirth will have a "long-term" story

After being less than impressed with DC Comics ever since the New 52 kicked, I’m getting amped for the upcoming Rebirth event.An event which is a tonal rebirth, not just another mini-series where the heaviest of hitters clash with a cosmic extinction-level threat and sweep some continuity under the rug. read more

MINECON 2016 tickets go on sale in May - Minecraft for PC News

The tickets will be sold in two batches to give fans in different time-zones a fairer chance of securing a place.Up to six tickets can be purchased in a single order. read more

Apexis Crystal Bonus Event Underway

Through Monday, the Sign of Apexis Bonus Event is back.You’re now receiving bonus Apexis Crystals from eligible creatures, and don’t forget to pick up the event-only quest The Time to Strike, which rewards you with big piles of Apexis Crystals, Garrison Resources, and Oil when you complete five Apexis objectives. read more

Rumor: Nintendo NX Console To Be Playable At EGX 2016 Event

The Nintendo NX console might be playable judging by a survey that has been sent out by the UK’s EGX 2016 event.The part that includes the Nintendo NX being playable appears in question 7. read more

Watch the Nintendo Switch Treehouse Live Event Right Here

When this post is live, the video should also be going, and you can watch the whole thing down below.There was plenty of big news out of the Japan Nintendo Switch event, such as the reveal of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a launch title, and the final release date and price of the console. read more

Pokemon Go: First Look at Special Party Hat Pikachu

To celebrate Pokemon Day starting next week, all Pikachu in Pokemon Go will be wearing a special party hat.The big question that hasn’t been answered about this Pokemon Go event is whether or not Pikachu’s spawn rate will be increased. read more

Niantic Somehow Found a Way to Ruin Pokemon Go Events

I’ve talked a whole lot about how much I both love and hate Pokemon Go.Today Niantic has found something that keeps people playing and paying for the game: Pokemon Go events. read more

Overwatch Uprising Event Starts Today; Brings New PvE Mode, Skins & More

The cat was let out of the bag early thanks to several leaks, but today Blizzard has officially announced Overwatch’s Uprising seasonal event.The event officially kicks off today and will run until May 1st across all supported platforms, which brings some interesting new content to the game. read more

Pokemon Go Easter Event Rumors Point to Double XP and Special Eggs

So far we haven’t gotten the official word from Niantic on what the Pokemon Go Easter event will be.There’s been some speculation about what the event might be, but today saw the best rumors yet, with two separate leaks hinting at the same thing: double XP and special eggs. read more

Overwatch's Custom Game Saves, Leaderboards & More Re-Enabled

Blizzard announced recently that they had disabled multiple features in Overwatch, which was in response to some problems that arose following the Uprising patch.The company announced recently on Twitter that the custom game saves, leaderboards and arcade modes that they disabled have now been re-enabled. read more