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Next Star Wars Battlefront Expansion Features Lando Calrissian, Out This June

The expansion is called Bespin and will feature new maps and even Lando Calrissian himself.According to the new update on the Star Wars EA website, The Bespin expansion will take “players in and around Cloud City, with four new maps for all of our most popular modes. read more

The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine Cover Art Revealed

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will officially be coming to a close later this year with the release of the game’s final expansion called Blood and Wine, and now developer CD Projekt RED has shared the expansion’s cover art on Twitter.However, despite the cover art reveal we still do not have any information regarding when the expansion will actually be released. read more

The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine Expansion Release Date Revealed?

After a peaceful meditation, Geralt of Rivia will soon be ready to slay monsters once more as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's upcoming Blood and Wine expansion may be released on June 7th.Unearthed by website Wccftech, a Polish gaming website - GRYOnline - recently listed the released date, which falls in line with the previously announced 2016 release window. read more

CD Projekt RED reveals awesome Blood and Wine box art

Feast your eyes, fellow Witchers: Between the creature perched on the throne and Geralt nonchalantly sipping wine -- or blood -- this might be (in my opinion) the coolest Witcher 3 box art released yet.A nearly identical image that leaked previously on NeoGAF appears to confirm that Blood and Wine will be getting a "physical" edition as well, shipping with a download code and two Gwent decks. read more

Hearthstone devs play the new expansion, match has a ridiculous finish

Earlier today, Hearthstone designer Ben Brode and commentator Dan Chou streamed a few pick-up matches of the game's upcoming expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods.With a lucky Thoughtsteal of his opponent's Yogg-Saron (a new Legendary and one of the titular Old Gods), Chou ended up with two Old Gods in his hand early on in the game. read more

World of Warcraft: Legion launches August 30, Sargeras sets his sights on Azeroth once more

That mission quickly turned into fighting Gul'dan and the Burning Legion.Announced at Gamescom, World of Warcraft: Legion sees the return of not just the Burning Legion, but Illidan Stormrage as well. read more

World of Warcraft's Legion Breaks Free on August 30

We're looking forward to sending everyone into battle against the Burning Legion this August.When Blizzard last gave us subscriber numbers, World of Warcraft was down to 5. read more

Hearthstone Twitter shows off new Old Gods game board

With Whispers of the Old Gods coming out in just a few days, Hearthstone developers have been going crazy (perhaps due to some darker outside influence?The new board draws inspiration from the classic Stormwind board that players have been using since the game's original release over two years ago. read more

CD Project RED Confirms That Blood And Wine Will Be The Final DLC For The Witcher 3

While leading up to the release of The Witcher 3 expansions, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine, developer CD Projekt RED always said there would be two expansions and that’s it.However, things always change in gaming and some were hoping that the immense success that the game enjoyed might just be enough to result in more content coming, but that’s no the case. read more

Hearthstone's One Night In Karazhan Expansion Out Next Month

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get back into Hearthstone then you won’t need to look much longer, as next month the game will be getting a new expansion called One Night In Karazhan.The expansion is set to launch on August 11th, featuring four wings including 45 new cards. read more