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Ubisoft Is Planning On Punishing Players Who Used The Division Boss Exploit In Falcon Lost Incursion

Since that launch, some gamers have discovered an exploit in the Falcon Lost Incursion to more easily beat it, but Ubisoft is planning to drop the hammer on those who are cheating.However, soon some found an exploit that allowed you to more easily beat the Incursion and in turn get excellent gear as well, giving these players and unfair advantage over others in The Dark Zone. read more

Ubisoft may look at punishing The Division's Falcon Lost exploiters

There was an exploit in The Division’s Falcon Lost that allowed players to attack an APC without triggering the waves of non-player character enemies that would usually accompany it.Now though, Ubisoft says that those who made use of the Falcon Lost exploit may be in for a surprise – and not the good sort. read more

New Weapon Damage Exploit Found In The Division

Now, things are reaching breaking point with the discovery of a new damage exploit allowing players to kill anything in the game, including other players, in just a few shots.Using a specific High-End weapon talent called Competent and a bit of button bashing in the weapon inventory, players can deliver DPS (Damage Per Second) ranging in the Millions once a sticky bomb or first aid skill is activated. read more

Ubisoft fixes two of The Division's biggest glitches

Servers for Tom Clancy's The Division went down for maintenance today and, upon their return, players will find that two major exploits have been fixed.Since shortly after The Division launched, players have been using the double revive glitch to their advantage. read more