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Marvel Comp 5. Black Panther

Sorry for the size A sealed copy of the first issue of Black Panther is worth over 18,000$ (U.S) Regardless of what people may think or say, Black Panther has NO affiliation with the political group. read more

Quick Look: Alekhine's Gun

Oh boy to think i almost bought this when it came out.what a mess. read more

Marvel Comp 6. The Hulk

I'm sorry for not uploading yesterday.I was feeling ill and stayed in bed sleeping the whole day. read more

Marvel Facts Comp 7. Taskmaster

Designing a costume, he took the moniker Taskmaster; one unidentified early graduate of his criminal academy would become espionage legend Spymaster.When Deadpool employed Sandi as a secretary, she brought Taskmaster in to aid him against the Black Swan. read more

Comic Comp #10 The Klyntar Part. 1/2

I was going to make a mega-comp with about 70 facts, comics, wallpapers.but there's an upload limit so instead I've divided it into 2 parts. read more

Comic Comp #14 Deathstroke

He enlisted in the army at the age of 16, faking his real age just to serve his country.He served in Korea for a time, until he was relocated to Camp Washington where he met his soon to be wife, Adeline Kane. read more