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Reimagining an Undertale Date

Note that there’s spoilers for Undertale’s Pacifist Route below.This series of concept art pieces, done by Redditor Agentalex9, shows what Frisk’s encounter at Undyne’s house could have been like if it had started off the same way their date with Papyrus did. read more

A Salt Portrait of Daenerys Targaryen

As in, a portrait made of actual table salt.The portrait was crafted by artist DinoTomic, also known as AtomiccircuS on DeviantArt. read more

BioShock Looks Far More Crisp in Unreal Engine 4

5, so it’s no wonder the Unreal Engine 4 project it inspired looks so sharp.The map, a remake of BioShock’s Medical Pavilion in UE4, is a piece of university coursework made by UK-based environment artist Ross Littlejohn. read more

Alien: Isolation Fanart Really Nails The 'Deserted Space Station' Feel

Retro tech, abandoned coffee cups, unmade beds, monitors saying “LOST CONTACT” in all caps.Yep, that’s a deserted Alien space station, alright. read more