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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Main Story Voice Recording Is Almost Finished

The grand reveal of Final Fantasy 7 Remake at E3 2015 after many teases helped to make Sony’s press conference that year the conference of dreams.“A remake of Final Fantasy VII required substantial preparedness. read more

First Look at Final Fantasy Explorers-Force for Smartphones

Square Enix gave us a little surprise this week when they presented a sequel to their 2015’s Final Fantasy Explorers for smartphone devices, instead of a Nintendo console.Named Final Fantasy Explorers-Force, we now have the first screenshots that portray the renewed graphics and the more realistic aesthetic. read more

Final Fantasy XV Director is Fascinated By The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is set to release in less than a week, but one of the biggest questions about the system is what games will be coming to it after release.Square Enix was one of the developers listed as being a partner with Nintendo on the Nintendo Switch, and the director of one of their biggest recent games is intrigued by the system. read more

A Final Fantasy 7 HD Spin-Off Compilation Would Be "Difficult," Says Nomura

With the remake of Final Fantasy 7 well into production, focus on the original game and all things relevant to it are back in the spotlight.The Final Fantasy 7 remake director, Tetsuya Nomura, recently did an interview where this topic came up, though he isn’t exactly optimistic about it happening. read more

NieR: Automata Guide: Where To Get The Final Fantasy XV Engine Blade

NieR: Automata has plenty of its own unique weapons to pick from, but fans of the Final Fantasy series will be happy to know that they have the option to use a weapon from Final Fantasy XV.This guide will show you how to get it and show your love for the Final Fantasy series. read more

Details on Final Fantasy XV Gladiolus DLC and Changes to Chapter 13 Revealed

Starting with Episode Gladiolus, the new trailer presented at the event presented more story and gameplay details.Prince Noctis’ guardian is set to engage on a journey on his own to fight a recurrent figure in the Final Fantasy series, he will make use of new abilities like taking pillars and hitting enemies with them, or performing brutal counterattacks. read more

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus Hands-on Preview

At last weekend’s PAX East 2017 I got the chance to sit down and play a good portion of the upcoming DLC, Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus.The story of FFXV: Episode Gladiolus takes place within the larger plot of the main game. read more

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus DLC Gets Details On Backstory, Modes & More

We’re given a backstory that sets the scene for the DLC itself, as well as details on new gameplay modes and how Gladiolus controls differently compared to the main game’s Noctis.We’ll start with the DLC’s backstory, which takes place within the timeline of Final Fantasy XV. read more

Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial Is No Longer Limited To 14 Days

The game has previously offered players the ability to download the game and try it out for 14 days at no cost.At the end of this 14 days though, you have to either purchase the full game to play more or be done with it. read more

Game of War Creators Launch Final Fantasy XV Spin Off on Mobile

The game can be downloaded right now from iTunes for free, while a release for Android devices is also expected.The partnership between Machine Zone and Square Enix was announced last year, with the founder and CEO of Machine Zone declaring “It is an honor to work on a franchise I have loved since I was a kid. read more

Future Final Fantasy XV DLC To Explore Ardyn's Backstory

While Final Fantasy XV was a beautiful and engaging game, for many it struggled with plot holes large enough to ride a chocobo through.We learn toward the end of the game that he has a connection to Noctis’ kingdom and was once a hero, before being wronged by someone else within Noctis’ lineage. read more

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Will Let Characters Take Two Job Classes

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age brings the PS2 classic to the PS4 generation with updated graphics and new features.The original Zodiac Job System divided the skills available in the license board among 12 job classes. read more

Next FFXV Patch Will Enlarge Texts, Improve PS4 Pro Performance

By the description, this “Stable Mode” seems to fix the issues generated by the previous patch, which forcefully unlocked the framerate on PS4 Pro and made some frame drops much more noticeable.Finally, the patch will also add new stickers to use on the Regalia and new songs to play on the music player. read more

Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Release on 2018 or Beyond

Keep in mind that fiscal years usually don’t follow the normal cycle of January-December, and instead companies like Square Enix start their fiscal year in April.So the “fiscal year 2018” mentioned actually covers part of 2017 and 2018. read more

Final Fantasy XV is Getting an Afrojack-Themed Sword

The artist himself made the announcement in a video that also showcases the look of the weapon, and that you can watch below.Afrojack is no stranger to Final Fantasy XV, as his personal friendship with the lead designer of the game has made possible that some of his songs appeared as part of the initial selection of tracks that can be played while driving the Regalia. read more

FFXII The Zodiac Age Spring Trailer Shows Why It's One of the Greats

Square Enix has shared a new trailer for its upcoming HD revision of Final Fantasy XII.But at least this new trailer prioritizes the right elements, minimizing Vaan’s presence to a voice-over sentence and muted cameos through the video. read more

Final Fantasy XV's Free April Update Is Now Live

We learned recently that Final Fantasy XV would be getting a free update that adds several things to the game, and that update is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.The update adds things like decals for the Regalia, rankings to the game’s timed quests and more that should get fans back into the game. read more

Square Enix Announces Pictlogica: Final Fantasy for 3DS

Those tasks allow characters taken from the 15 mainline Final Fantasy entries and some spin offs to perform different actions during battles, like attacking enemies.In fact, players will be able to form teams of up to four characters to fight enemies in groups. read more

Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT Will Continue the Story of the PSP Games

Japanese Magazine Weekly Famitsu has shared more details on the fighting game Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT, which was announced last week for PS4.While the previous game in the series, Dissidia Final Fantasy 012: Duodecim, presented a story mode with classic RPG traits like a world map, the one for Dissidia NT will be much closer to a regular fighting game, with video sequences playing in between combats. read more

FFXV Universe Title King's Knight Releasing This Year for Mobile

Part of the E3 briefing on the new projects related to Final Fantasy XV was the confirmation that the loosely related spin-off King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon will be released this year on mobile platforms for free.The game is a scrolling shooter set in a medieval fantasy world. read more