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FCC: Carrier pocketed $10M in bogus cell phone subsidies

Since 2014, Total Call Mobile (TCM) has requested and received $9.A single SNAP card could be used to enroll multiple ineligible consumers and collect government subsidies, the FCC said. read more

Verizon refuses to repair copper infrastructure, still set on forcing fiber conversion

Here’s how the Inquirer describes the situation: The customer is told that a technician truck will roll for repairs.If a flagged copper customer needing repairs ultimately declines fiber upgrade, the Verizon document commands: “Do not fix trouble” with the copper line. read more

Obama supports cable box competition and—surprise—cable lobby is angry

Shortly after, the top cable lobby group expressed its displeasure, saying the White House's statement "may be good politics, but it's bad government.Obama announced today that his administration is calling on the FCC to convert the NPRM into final rules that "open up set-top cable boxes to competition. read more

House votes to undermine net neutrality rules, and ISPs cheer

The House of Representatives today approved a Republican proposal that limits the Federal Communications Commission's authority to regulate Internet providers.But the bill defines "rate regulation" so broadly that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says it could prevent the commission from enforcing net neutrality rules against blocking and throttling. read more