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Early New EA Sports UFC 2 Update Patch Notes Revealed

A developer for EA Sports UFC 2 has revealed some of the things that will be improved in the next update patch for the game.The early EA Sports UFC 2 update patch notes were revealed by animator Geoff Harrower on his Twitter account. read more

Street Fighter 5 April Update Patch 1.03 Should Address Rage Quitters

This month’s patch will be addressing the issue of rage quitters online.The official Street Fighter Twitter page announced: “We’re planning to roll out a system this month that will address the rage quitting issue in #SFV. read more

Capcom has a plan to deal with Street Fighter V rage-quitters this month

Even though I write about them, I’m actually consistently terrible at playing video games.A wonderful, ecstatic sensation of bliss as I find myself this close to being a winner for once. read more

UK Video Game Charts: Street Fighter 5 falls out of Top 40 as The Division holds on to No.1 - Street Fighter V for PS4 News

The latest UK Video Games Chart has seen Capcom's PS4 console exclusive Street Fighter 5 exit the Top 40, falling from last week's position at No.The game could only manage 17th place on the individual PS4 chart. read more

Street Fighter 5's microtransaction store delayed; Alex releasing to all players as a 'free trial' - Street Fighter V for PS4 News

Street Fighter 5's real-money currency will not be ready in time for the launch of the game's first DLC character 'Alex' next week, Capcom has announced.To make up for it, the character will be given away to all players as a "free trial" until the functionality is introduced. read more

Street Fighter 5 producer admits to misjudging need for single-player modes - Street Fighter V for PS4 News

" Street Fighter's classic Arcade mode was notably absent from the game's launch, whilst the promised Story Mode will launch in June.The game also suffered from severe server problems at launch, most of which have now been fixed. read more

What makes a "real" fighting game?

is a "real" fighting game or not.What is a "real" fighting game? read more

Guile Joins Street Fighter V - April Updates Revealed

There is no concrete date for this DLC as of yet, but Capcom Unity have also announced the inclusion of Guile’s home stage, the Air Force Base for 70,000 fight money or free to Street Pass holders.His popular moves such as Sonic Boom will return, and he will also have his own set of trials and character story. read more

Guile is coming to Street Fighter V this month

There are few things I hate going up against in Street Fighter more than a really good Guile player.And he’s coming to Street Fighter V. read more

Street Fighter 5's Guile Trailer Goes With Everything

Since then we’ve gotten the addition of challenges and the first DLC fighter with Alex and now we have the first gameplay footage of the second DLC fighter, Guile.He was left out of Street Fighter 3, but then returned once again in 4 before being left out of the main roster of 5. read more

Guile to join Street Fighter V as April DLC character with new getup but same ol' hairdo

In SFV he gains the ability to move while crouching, providing Guile players with more opportunities to punish with the charge-based move.Meanwhile Guile's V-Skill, the Sonic Blade, is a new stationary projectile that even boosts the durability of his other Sonic Booms. read more

Capcom Confirms Ultra Street Fighter II Release Date

While Capcom had earlier said they would like to have Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers ready for the Nintendo Switch’s launch, it looks like they’ll miss it by more than two months.The company announced on Facebook that the game will launch in both physical and digital formats on May 26th, worldwide, for $39. read more

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List Gets Four More Games Today

The Xbox One backwards compatibility list continues to grow, as today we learn that four more games have been added to the over 300 that are already available.While this most recent batch of games definitely isn’t one of the biggest released, it at least has something that fans of the Street Fighter series will be happy about. read more

Injustice 2 DLC Fighter Pack 1 Adds Starfire, Red Hood & Sub-Zero

Today it has been revealed that the game will be getting DLC shortly after the game’s launch, which is called Fighter Pack 1.A release date hasn’t been given yet, but it adds some notable characters to the mix. read more