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James Cameron will make four more Avatar movies

This week, film director James Cameron announced that he will be making four sequels to his 2009 box-office smash Avatar.It follows a human’s attempt to infiltrate an alien civilization known as the Na’vi by adopting a Na’vi body. read more

Batman v Superman's global box office nears $700 million -

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will soon pass a global box office haul of $700 million having ended its second weekend with $682.9 million, reports Variety. read more

Sony launches Makers & Gamers short film series - Journey for PS4 News

Sony Computer Entertainment has launched a new short film series, Makers & Gamers, which brings game developers face-to-face with some of their biggest fans.The first film, Gamers & Makers: Journey, sees Journey creator Jenova Chen meet Sophia, a young girl whose life has been profoundly influenced by the game. read more

Can Metascores Predict Box Office Performance?

Do bad movies perform worse at the box office than good movies?To answer those questions, we examined box office and film quality data for all major nationwide releases from the past decade, using our favorite proxy for film quality: Metascores. read more

Batman v Superman Review & Spoilercast -

Just to be clear: this is a spoilercast.Others, however, aren't quite so enthusiastic for the idea of silly men fighting in their silly pants over silly nonsense. read more

New Fantastic Beasts trailer features magic, but still no beasts -

There's a new trailer for Harry Potter prequel 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them', once again choosing wisely to not show any beasts, but instead focus on star Eddie Redmayne and his suitcase.The film also stars Colin Farrell, Ron Perlman, Dan Fogler, Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol, Ezra Miller, Samantha Morton, Gemma Chan, and Jon Voight. read more

Pokemon live-action movies reportedly in the works

The Pokemon Company is reportedly looking to make a live-action movie of its popular franchise.According to The Hollywood Reporter, "a top-secret auction" is being held for the rights to a Pokemon film and is "nearing completion. read more

Pokemon live-action movie reportedly in the works

The Pokemon Company is reportedly looking to make a live-action movie of its popular franchise.According to The Hollywood Reporter, "a top-secret auction" is being held for the rights to a Pokemon film and is "nearing completion. read more

The Foster Portfolio (based on the story by Kurt Vonnegut)

Danielle Katvan is an award-winning director, whose work has been featured on MTV, VH1 and NBC Universal.She was named one of Film News Briefs “Filmmakers to Watch”, and her short film, Stranger Things, received an award from Kodak for Excellence in the Craft of Filmmaking. read more

Captain America: Civil War review – a knockout punch ()

And without it, Captain America: Civil War simply wouldn't work.In fact, the only thing that is clear is that this is a conflict that won't end amicably. read more

Club Diamond - a new stagework by Nikki Appino/Saori Tsukada

We have finished the silent film and are raising funds to complete the live action and stage design for Club Diamond.To date we have created half the piece with cardboard, tape and volunteer energy – with these incredible opportunities just around the corner, we need to fully realize our vision of Club Diamond. read more

Blade Runner sequel to release in 2017, not 2018 -

The Blade Runner sequel will now release earlier than originally planned, hitting cinemas worldwide on October 6, 2017, Alcon Entertainment has announced.The film had been expected on January 12, 2018. read more

Celebrate peak Prince weirdness with a look back at 'Batdance'

Living and creating outside the norm is what defined the man and his work.Just look at "Batdance. read more

Farewell Meu Amor - The Film

I have taught as adjunct faculty at Tisch School of the Arts, I am the African Film Festival’s Youth Program resident instructor, and was a mentor in the 2015 Maisha Screenwriting Lab (in Swahili).Farewell Meu Amor is a film that I shot as part of the Ousmane Sembene Award which my film Soko Sonko received at the 2015 Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF). read more

Atlantic City - a short film

I currently teach at the University of Texas at Austin and serve as Executive Producer for Austin Film Festival's television show, On Story.Her film credits have screened at dozens of festivals worldwide, including Festival de Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand, SXSW, Festival du Cinema de Paris, Woodstock Film Festival, Hampton's International Film Festival, Festival de Cine Internacional de Barcelona and Taos Talking Pictures. read more

Robert Downey Jr. is coming back to Marvel movies sooner than you think

It seems you won't have to wait until the two-part Avengers: Infinity War to see Robert Downey Jr.It'll be the wall-crawler's first solo movie appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2015's Marvel/Sony partnership brought about a homecoming. read more

Rumor: Batman vs Superman Causing WB To Be Nervous Over Justice League Movie

The divisive reception of the film has reportedly caused Warner Bros to feel a little nervous about the Justice League movie.Death, Warner Bros. read more

Ubisoft Is Interested In a Second Assassin's Creed Film

A recent survey shared by Ubisoft seems to indicate that it might not be all over for the future of Assassin’s Creed in Hollywood.While the project seems to be in a very early stage, it seems like Ubisoft is not giving up on the film series just yet. read more

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Explodes at the Chinese Box Office

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is coming out of the weekend with a historic opening at the Chinese box office.With this unexpected influx of millions, the sixth entry now has the potential to become the highest grossing film in the franchise on a worldwide scale. read more