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Volkswagen makes it official—it’s buying back 500,000 2.0L diesels

In San Francisco this morning, US District Judge Charles Breyer said Volkswagen Group would buy back nearly 500,000 2.At today's hearing, Breyer said VW Group would also be required to set up an environmental fund to invest in green technology. read more

Here's How to Fix Fallout 4 Far Harbor PS4 Performance Issues

To help, here’s how to fix Fallout 4 Far Harbor PS4 performance issues.As explained by Bethesda, to fix the problems they have had to create a brand new version of the Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC, not just issue a patch. read more

Minecraft Update 1.43 Heading Out Now for PS4 with Big Bug Fixes

Whether it’s with the addition of new features and gameplay mechanics, or just fixing the bugs that those additions introduced to the game, updates roll out all the time.Sometimes these are more focused, delivering patches to specific versions of the always expanding library of Minecraft editions. read more

Blizzard's is Down Causing Issues for Overwatch, WoW, and More

The trouble seems to have started a few hours earlier today, with users reporting login problems on Battle.These are likely just on PC, where most people play Blizzard games, but it could extend to consoles if it gets much worse. read more