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2014 Reinventing America Summit | Conferences

Driven by technological advances, innovative manufacturing techniques, the biggest domestic energy boom in a century and a new generation of pragmatic, tested leaders in industry, education and government, the nation’s industrial core is rebounding.Employment in manufacturing hubs is rising. read more

2014 400 Summit on Philanthropy | Conferences

The preeminent gathering of the world’s most powerful people for a critical discussion on applying wealth and resources to solve today’s most intractable problems.The 400 Summit on Philanthropy will focus on solutions for the shortcomings of K-12 public education in the U. read more

2014 CIO Summit | Conferences

His diverse leadership experience spans across enterprise software, Internet, retail, and consumer technology.He currently advises early stage companies, and serves on the board and a​s​ an independent director of Chipotle Mexican Grill. read more

2014 Women’s Summit | Conferences

Traditionally, power has been defined as the ability to effect change, but to be truly powerful today,one has to possess an entrepreneurial mindset, spirit, and approach.Whether it’s leading a multinational firm focused on innovation, launching a startup solving a decades-old challenge,or spearheading a social movement that will improve the lives of millions, it’s all entrepreneurship. read more

2014 CMO Summit | Conferences

Sanjay Gupta is the Executive Vice President of Marketing, Innovation and Corporate Relations of the Allstate Insurance Company, and a member of Allstate’s senior leadership team.Prior to joining Allstate in 2012, Gupta was the Chief Marketing Officer at Ally Financial, where he led the global re-branding efforts and the rapid growth of the consumer deposit business. read more