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Ford's using Metal Gear Solid, and Snake's original voice actor, to advertise its cars

David Hayter is back as Solid Snake.The latest ads in Ford's "Overdubs" series of YouTube spots — previous ads have used footage from shows like Captain Planet — features Solid Snake and Col. read more

Konami Fultons Last Bit Of Dignity From Metal Gear In Ford Car Ads

But we suspect no one, especially the series’ most ardent fans, wanted this.The publisher has teamed with Ford for ads using Metal Gear Solid scenes. read more

Metal Gear’s Original Snake Voice Actor Returns For A Car Commercial

Three years ago, fans were shocked to learn that David Hayter, the longtime English language voice of Metal Gear lead character Snake, wouldn’t be returning to his most famous role.So it’s a bit of a surprise that he’s doing that signature growl again for a Ford commercial. read more

Ford just made spotting its police SUV a lot harder

Scofflaw drivers beware: spotting police vehicles is about to get more challenging.We knew where we stood with the Ford Crown Victoria—unless painted bright yellow it was always a cop car. read more

Latest Ford commercials feature Metal Gear Solid

Last month, David Hayter, who you may know as the iconic voice of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series (sorry, Kiefer), posted something on Twitter that left many scratching their heads over what the actor was referring to.To advertise its Focus SE and Fusion Titanium cars, Ford is using famous scenes from the first Metal Gear Solid game. read more

BMW uses low-cost VR (HTC Vive) to visualize high-end cars

An $800 virtual reality headset is expensive for consumers and gamers.It will pair the HTC Vive headset (virtual reality) with developmental styling bucks (physical reality) to speed through early design phases. read more

Ford’s next decade: Silicon Valley-style campus for 30,000 will rise in Michigan

A new, 700,000-square-foot design center will be the focal point of the campus, Ford says.The second campus will be built around the Ford World Headquarters building called the Glass House. read more