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Underrail Patch v1.0.1.8 Released

Turn-based post-apocalyptic RPG Underrail has been treated with a new patch that tinkers with the game's balance ,fixes a number of bugs, and also improves some of the quest and area design.I'm also personally curious to learn exactly what the "AI improvements on normal and hard" consist of. read more

Steam Workshop Support Coming to Sega's Genesis Classics

Now, it seems Sega is opening up some of its older titles to official mod support, at least on Steam.Today, Sega Europe announced the Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub, releasing as a free update for the current Sega Genesis Classics Collection on April 28. read more

Full WWE 2K17 Soundtrack Has Been Unleashed

The full WWE 2K17 soundtrack has been revealed and Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs is responsible for choosing the songs in the game.The full soundtrack for WWE 2K17 was revealed by an exclusive report from Billboard. read more