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Someone Ported Flappy Bird To An E-Cigarette

The cyberpunk dystopian future of Blade Runner, with its artificial landscapes, might never become a reality.We’re heading into a much weirder version of the future. read more

Autonomous taxis: Why you may never own a self-driving car

Since we first wrote about this topic, the landscape has changed dramatically for the better, both for autonomous vehicles, and for ride-hailing and ride-sharing services.Research firm ARK Invest concludes that the cost of operating a shared autonomous vehicle fleet could be as low as $. read more

Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 Review: Future Trunks Saga Starts As Black Goku Appears

The day is finally here as the Future Trunks saga has started with episode 47 of Dragon Ball Super.To clarify some confusion, this is the same Future Trunks that we met back during the Cell saga. read more

Dragon Ball Super Titles And Plot Summaries For Episodes 52, 53 And 54 (Spoilers)

Some potential spoilers have been revealed for upcoming episodes for Dragon Ball Super.Not only do we get episode titles, but the plot summaries for them have also been released. read more

Insomniac Might Continue Sunset Overdrive Without Microsoft

While the Xbox One exclusive title hasn’t spawned a sequel yet, the studio still hopes to make a continuation in the future, even if it’s produced separately from Microsoft.Why haven’t we seen a Sunset Overdrive 2 on Xbox One, then? read more