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Regulations Needed to Stop Criminals at Online Casinos in the USA

Regulations Needed to Stop Criminals at Online Casinos in the USA A new report by McAffee security firm released on Thursday revealed that money laundering and bribes at online casino and poker sites are not only highly probable, but the activities are actually happening right now.A bribe, for instance, might work by a 'donor' playing a poker game heads up against a public official and intentionally losing so that the public official earns the winnings and can cash out. read more

New Jersey Bets Big on Sports Gambling, Loses - So Far...

The Associated Press reported on Sunday that the state of New Jersey has spent more than $2.8 million in attorney fees since Governor Chris Christie was forced to defend his initiative to issue sports gambling licenses. read more

Nevada And Delaware Reach Historic Online Gambling Agreement

It was a historic day for online gambling in the US on Tuesday."The possibilities that are ahead of us are truly extraordinary," said Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. read more

Online Gambling Ban Bill Makes Its Way Through US Congress

On Wednesday, Senator Lindsay Graham and Representative Jason Chaffetz introduced legislation in their respective chambers that would ban most forms of online gambling in the country.The legislation would take online poker, slots, and other table games off the table for online casinos. read more

New Jersey Nowhere Near Online Gambling Revenue Expectations

When the governor was touting the economic impact that online casinos would have on New Jersey, he included a figure of $180 million that he wrote into the current budget.It is going to take a few years before all the New Jersey gamblers convert to online casinos. read more

LVS Owner Adelson Pulling the Strings of Politicians in the US

LVS Owner Adelson Pulling the Strings of Politicians in the US Las Vegas Sands multi-billionaire owner Sheldon Adelson has thrown millions of dollars into the campaigns of political leaders across the country and is now using the power he has built up in the system to lead the country towards making Internet gambling illegal on a federal level.It studied the future viability of online gaming in the state and concluded Pennsylvania could reap $307 million in tax revenue annually. read more

Speculation on Casino Gambling Legalization in Japan Continues

The closer Japan gets to legalizing casino gambling the more gambling patriarchs across the world salivate.The goal of lawmakers who support legalizing casino gambling in Japan is for casinos to be built by the 2020 Olympics which will be held in Tokyo. read more