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Hitman's Requiem Pack DLC missing after update? IO is investigating a fix - Hitman Episode One – The Showstopper for PS4 News

IO Interactive is investigating an issue that has caused some Hitman players to lose access to their Requiem Pack items after downloading the game's latest update.Update 1. read more

Fable Legends has closed - Fable Legends for Xbox One News

Fable Legends has shut down and is no longer available to play.The game's closure – and that of Lionhead - was announced last month, but the curtain finally drew this afternoon. read more

Battleborn is online-only - Battleborn for PS4 News

In a statement provided to this morning, 2K explained: "Battleborn requires an internet connection to play, whether you're playing singleplayer, co-operatively with friends, or competitively against others. read more

LawBreakers alpha test registration now open - Lawbreakers for PC News

Players looking to give Cliff Bleszinski's latest shooter 'LawBreakers' a go ahead of release are now able to register for the game's upcoming series of alpha tests.To sign up, simply head over to the game's website and enter your details. read more