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Someone made a real gun look like a Nintendo Zapper because that can't possibly go wrong

Guns as a rule are loud, violent things that kill people so I'm quite in favour of not adding any 'cute' to them.So step up Precision Syndicate which came up with this Nintendo shooter, saying, "WOW, this glock turned out good! read more

Fans launch campaign to get San Marino included in FIFA 17

Fans have launched a campaign to have Europe's least successful international team included in FIFA petition (which is on the verge of 300 signatures), in the hope of attracting the Canadian publisher's attention. read more

Watch Star Fox Zero's lovely tribute to Satoru Iwata

Nintendo is coming up on a year without Satoru Iwata, but the late president and CEO "with the heart of a gamer" is still remembered in his company's credit sequences.I got a bit choked up when I saw Satoru Iwata listed as executive producer at the end of Fire Emblem Fates, and Star Fox Zero has a message that is cause for even more tearful remembrance. read more

Mass Effect: Andromeda - Everything you need to know

Why isn’t this called “Mass Effect 4?The Mass Effect trilogy isn’t getting a confusing fourth instalment, then - rather it’s becoming the basis for a Star Wars-like universe of games. read more

Wait, Dark Souls 3 let's you emote monsters to death?

Okay, it's one hell of a lucky shot but watch here as Redditor RandumbStoner takes out a this poor guy in Dark Souls 3 with a 'Jump Of Joy' emote - a gesture that ends with an air punch that apparently can kill if it connects.Talking on Reddit RandumbStoner says "I'm not sure if the gesture really killed him," although I'm going to totally believe it did. read more

Official UFC 2 create-a-fighter contest is equal parts impressive and terrifying

Another is of similar appearance to the lead villain from The Phantom Menace, but his ring-name isn't provided.) Fans have until 18 April to vote for their favourite by hitting Like or Share on Facebook. read more

There's now and 80s VHS cover for Dark Souls 3 and it is glorious

If you saw the April fools Dark Souls 3 trailer that reimagined the game as an 80s VHS video nasty then you probably wondered what the cover for such a creation might look like.So you're in luck as Namco has followed up with a range of printable alternate covers for you to swap in for that crummy modern one. read more

Virtual football legend Tijani Babangida returns in PES 2016

The fastest player in Pro Evolution Soccer history is back in the game, as a downloadable MyClub legend for PES 2016.Tijani Banangida had a fairly successful real-life career with Nigeria and clubs such as Roda JC and Ajax, but it was in PES that he achieved icon status – mainly thanks to his 96 acceleration and 99 speed ratings. read more

9 essential tips for surviving Dark Souls 3

During combat, you can click the right stick to lock on to the enemy in front of you, and flick the stick left and right to switch between enemies if there's more than one.Where possible, try to combine this lock with sidesteps or rolls to get behind your foe as they attack, then perform a standard attack from directly behind to execute a backstab to deal much greater damage. read more

The Division's deleted characters, top GTA dev sues Rockstar & a new Xbox 1: The Wrap Up

No Louise today as she's off on holiday, so you've just got me for now.This week we find out what's happening to The Division's deleted characters (don't panic if you've been affected, all is not lost). read more

Gears of War 4 - Everything you need to know

The Gears of War title for the next generation is on its way, and by 'next generation' we aren't just talking about game consoles.Marcus, Dom, Baird, and The Cole Train's fight against the Swarm is over, and new Gears soldiers are stepping up to defend humanity from the hideous monsters that threaten the current state of peace. read more

Someone built a 3-foot, 20 pound Doom BFG from Lego because why the hell not

That literally is a big fucking gun.Youtuber Zazi Nombies built Doom's signature weapon out of a little over 5000 bricks and it weighs 20 pounds. read more

PES' EURO 2016 spin-off gets exclusive Welsh packaging

Like the standard version of the game, it's adorned with Gareth Bale on the cover – but all text is in Welsh.Thought you might: "With the physical edition of our official UEFA Euro 2016 game on sale today, here’s a little something to celebrate Wales’ forthcoming UEFA Euro 2016 campaign. read more

Amazon seem to be experimenting with a Prime-only paywall for games

Pop over to Amazon and you’ll currently find a few games that are now only purchasable if you have a Prime membership.Although there is a logic: if The Division or Dark Souls 3 suddenly became a ‘Prime Exclusive’ people would likely be getting pretty upset about now. read more

The company behind PS4 & Xbox’s one chips are making three new… things

In a recent investor call  (via ArsTechnica) it’s now talking about making three more gaming chips suggest some sort of new consoles are on the way.They have three new console chips on the way. read more

New PS4.5/NEO & Xbox One upgrade details, & The Division's bugs: The News Show

It's News Show time.This week we've rounded up all the rumours surrounding the potential release of upgraded PS4 and new Xbox Ones - which the case of Sony included some allegeded specs, while Microsoft are supposedly testing a variety of protoypes. read more

The Witcher 3's Blood & Wine DLC is adding more sweet, sweet Gwent cards

Everyone’s favourite game within a game Gwent is getting new cards as a part of The Witcher 3’s upcoming Blood & Wine expansion.They also revealed a whole new faction, Skellige and four new cards. read more