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Scientists grow working human beta cells that can end diabetes in mice

Since we know that diabetes has to do with defective or missing beta cells, we have a very obvious candidate for treatment: Put in functioning beta cells to replace the bad or missing ones.The problem has always been growing those replacement cells properly, directing early-stage stem cells with the ability to “differentiate” into most possible cells to become specifically fully adult pancreatic beta cells. read more

‘Gene drive’ breakthrough creates weaponized mosquito extinction strain

The name for this power is called gene drive.First, it forces itself into 99% of a mosquito’s sperm cells, and thus into 99% of its offspring. read more

‘Genetic unicorns’ hint at how we can defy our molecular destiny

Though such cases are not nearly as glamorous as those for rare genetic mutations conferring superhuman-like abilities — unbelievably strong bones for example — from a scientific standpoint they are, perhaps, even more interesting.Similarly, the Nature study suggests there is more to genetic mutations than is currently accounted for by our present understanding of the subject. read more