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Mafia III wants their black lead character to “be authentic”

There’s a long-running joke in gaming that just about every protagonist in every game happens to be a 30-something white guy.Not so with Mafia III however, as the lead character of that game isn’t hailing from suburbia. read more

Why Sony's PS4 'Neo' is a natural evolution of the console cycle -

Yes, the Neo/4K/4.* It seems, then, that the biggest issue with Neo isn't its prowess, but its precedent. read more

Whispers of the Old Gods: Designing C'Thun, the State of the Hunter, and Lessons Learned From The Grand Tournament

So, that's really really important to us, and I think that's the biggest lesson learned from all of the decks.USG: And you're giving everybody a free C'Thun just to jumpstart that, essentially. read more

Metal Gear Survive Will Not Be A $60 Game

Konami recently made the surprise announcement that there will be a new game released in the Metal Gear series, but definitely not one that fans were expecting.The game is a co-op survival game set after the events of Ground Zeroes, and takes things in a decidedly different direction. read more

Space Survival Game Hellion Now Has a Cinematic Announcement Trailer

In the event that you have not heard of Hellion, and I certainly had not until recently, it is a open world Space Survival game with a bunch of randomly players by Zero Gravity Games.If that does not already excite you then their new cinematic trailer may change your mind some what. read more