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Fire up your GPU: VR takes hold at Nvidia’s GTC 2016

Much of the excitement around VR is built using amazing demos of virtual worlds.Everest VR was put together by Solfar and Rfx using 108 billion pixels of actual photographs, that were turned into 10 million polygons, which in turn drive a VR experience that is essentially photorealistic. read more

Miitomo Had More Than 1.6 Million Downloads In First Four Days Of Release

We told you the other day that Miitomo was sitting at #1 on both the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play store, though no specific numbers were given for them at the time, except that the Google Play store had the very vague between 1-5 million downloads.6 million downloads over its first four days, which ranged from its launch on March 31 to April 3. read more

Google Fiber ends free 5Mbps Internet offer in Kansas City

The move coincides with Google expanding free Internet service for qualifying low-income customers.Instead of providing free Internet to anyone in Google's service area, the company will instead make targeted efforts to bring poor people online. read more

SJW comp: FJ= not your SafeSpace edition

Im not sure how legit this is, i hope not legit at all.But is this what they teach American kids that month? read more

The Ten Commandments of Mobile Gaming

Tales of Link and the new Kingdom Hearts mobile game occupy 1GB each after in-game download.We understand that developers want to make traditional games on mobile devices, and that such devices have a severe lack of physical buttons. read more

Dumb new RAND report claims it’s impossible to road-test a robot

It’s impossible to road-test a car well enough to be sure that it will be safe in all situations.It is simply more effective to invest in robot testing than human testing, in terms of the safety return, and so it’s our responsibility to do so. read more

Microsoft sues US government, asks court to declare secrecy orders unconstitutional

This isn’t meant to give the government carte blanche to spy on its citizens, and the law spells out the scenarios under which Section 2705(b) applies.In the words of Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president and chief legal officer: Over the past 18 months, the U. read more

Android N takes baby steps toward becoming a virtual reality platform

The second Android N Developer Preview came out this week, and while it brings support for Vulkan, new emojis, and a few UI tweaks, there are also a few references to virtual reality buried inside the new update.It looks like apps will soon be able to register themselves as something called a "VR Listener" or "VR Helper. read more

Alphabet plans to build its own city for Project Sidewalk

What would it be like if you could build a new city with all the fancy futuristic technologies that are around the corner?Rather than be content with projections and simulations, Alphabet’s Sidewalk labs plans to build a real city called Project Sidewalk from the ground up to test new technologies. read more

European Commission files antitrust charges against Google over Android

The Commission has officially issues a “Statement of Objections” that accuses Google of breaching EU antitrust regulations in the way it manages Android.The European Commission alleges that Google has used its more than 90% share in search and mobile OS to unfairly limit competition. read more

Google's Android charged with breaking EU mpetition law

Margrethe Vestager, the European competition commissioner, said her staff had found that Google's Android operating system had breached EU competition law.The Commission sent "a statement of objection" to Google to outline a number of problems uncovered by its investigation. read more