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PS4 firmware 3.50 quietly adds support for 4TB hard drives

Now it seems Sony has quietly introduced support for larger drives in the latest 3.According to Reddit, installing the new firmware allows your PS4 to detect up to 4TB hard drives properly. read more

How to back up and upgrade your PS4’s hard drive

It needs to be formatted using FAT32 or exFAT, and if you want to back up a full drive, the external drive should have at least the same capacity as the internal drive.Select the System option, go down to Back Up and Restore, and then go into the Back Up PS4 sub-menu. read more

LaCie announces gargantuan 96TB external hard drive

The 12big Thunderbolt 3 offers up to 96TB of storage for the discriminating video editor.It has a hardware RAID controller that can handle RAID 5 and 6. read more