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Hearthstone Card Reveals: Deathwing - Dragonlord and Embrace the Shadow

This article covers Deathwing-Dragonlord and Embrace the Shadow.Blizzard have announced a live stream on April 21, and it seems likely we will get a mass reveal on that date. read more

Hearthstone Card Reveals: Servant of Yogg-Saron and Faceless Summoner

Yesterday saw the reveal of two Mage cards, Servant of Yogg-Saron and Faceless Summoner.Faceless Summoner is an efficient way to put a lot of stats on the board. read more

Hearthstone: New Mage Hero - Khadgar; Lore, Controversy and Issues

A third Mage Hearthstone hero can be purchased only by iOS users for a limited amount of time.iPhone and iPad users noticed a new Hearthstone update, which will bring yet another Mage hero to the game: Khadgar! read more

Hearthstone's Ben Brode Clarifies That There is no MMR in Arena

For months, the Arena community has wondered if there was a hidden Matchmaker Rating (MMR) in Arena that pairs not only players on similar scores, but also players of similar skill.Lead Game Designer, Ben Brode, joined Hafu on her stream to clear up the matter once and for all. read more

Hearthstone Card Reveals: Shadowcaster and Forlorn Stalker

This update covers two interesting looking new cards, Shadowcaster and Forlorn Stalker.This brings the total number of revealed cards to sixty five. read more

® March 2016 Ranked Play Season Final Rankings

The final rankings from Ranked Play Season 24: Riverpaw Ruffian for the Americas region are in!These players have gone the extra mile and worked their way up the current ladder system to become some of the top ranked Hearthstone competitors. read more

Live Stream: Whispers of the Old Gods

The Old Gods will soon begin their invasion of the tavern, and we’re compelled choosing of our own free will to show off more of the ominous (and super fun) cards they’ll be bringing with them!Join Lead Designer Ben Brode and Hearthstone master caster Dan “Frodan” Chou on April 21 at 10AM PDT for what promises to be a thrilling series of show matches against members of the Hearthstone design team. read more

Khadgar Comes to the Tavern!

The Archmage Khadgar is a well-known hero to the denizens of Azeroth!Whether battling against shadowy councils, or holding the line against unwelcome iron incursions, Khadgar is always a staunch guardian of Azeroth and the entities that call it home. read more

Hearthstone: Trolden's Funny and Lucky Moments 160

Watch the latest episode of Trolden's Funny and Lucky Moments series!The 160th episode of Funny and Lucky Moments has a fulfilling amount of pretty good clips. read more

Hearthstone Card Reveals: Demented Frostcaller, Shifting Shade, and Twilight Flamecaller

There have been five new cards spoiled over the weekend.This article covers Demented Frostcaller, Shifting Shade, and Twilight Flamecaller. read more

Hearthstone: Ranked Player Spotlight and Hobgoblin Zoo Deck From Rank One Legend: Tripp

As mentioned in our ranked play article, tripp has not had a top 100 previously and was a previously unknown player.He is only sixteen years old, continuing the trend of young players performing exceedingly well in recent months. read more

Archmage Khadgar has been added to Hearthstone to raise funds for charity

Just last month for example, they added Lady Liadrin to the card game.In order to get the new Paladin, players needed to grind up to level 20 in World of Warcraft. read more

Hearthstone: Xixo Reaches Rank One Legend With ShtanUdachi's Tempo Warrior Deck

SchtanUdachi himself has reached top ten with the deck, but Xixo has reached Rank One Legend playing it on the Europe server.The deck is an unusual one, and tricky to play effectively. read more

Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods 26th April Release Confirmed

Blizzard confirmed today that the release date for Whispers of the Old Gods will be the 26th April 2016, at least in the Americas region.While this date has been speculated about for some time now, we finally have confirmation. read more

Hey, Blizzard took note - South Africa is finally getting a Hearthstone Spring Preliminary!

I’ve always found it rather annoying that we in South Africa in particular get left out.Yesterday, an email found its way into my inbox from a local Hearthstone player, Francois Mouton. read more

Hearthstone Card Reveals: Princess Huhuran, Dark Arakkoa, and Shifter Zerus

This article will cover Princess Huhuran, Dark Arakkoa, and Shifter Zerus, bringing the total number of revealed cards to seventy one.Princess Huhuran has great stats for a 5-drop with an ability, and it seems very likely that she'll see play in Standard because of this. read more

Hearthstone's Next Patch Contains Some Major Nerfs

In advance of the Hearthstone's Year of the Kraken and upcoming Whispers of the Old Gods expansion, Blizzard is updating some staple Hearthstone cards.We've got a full breakdown of what's affected. read more

Championship Tour Key Dates

The 2016 Hearthstone Championship Tour is well underway and we already have four players qualified so far for the Hearthstone World Championship at BlizzCon!If you’re interested in participating or keeping track of all of the Hearthstone Championship Tour events, here are the key dates for the rest of the year. read more

Hearthstone players to get 13 free packs for Whispers of the Old Gods release

If you were looking for a reason to get back into Hearthstone — or couldn’t find a reason to stick with it — the new expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, drops on April 26.If a new expansion still isn’t enough to get you back into Hearthstone, how about 13 free packs of expansion cards for little to no effort on your part? read more

Hearthstone Twitter shows off new Old Gods game board

With Whispers of the Old Gods coming out in just a few days, Hearthstone developers have been going crazy (perhaps due to some darker outside influence?The new board draws inspiration from the classic Stormwind board that players have been using since the game's original release over two years ago. read more