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The Division's game director leaves Ubisoft to work on Hitman - Hitman Episode One – The Showstopper for PS4 News

The Division's game director Ryan Barnard has left Ubisoft Massive to join Hitman developer IO Interactive.According to his LinkedIn profile, Barnard left Massive in February prior to The Division's release, before starting at IO earlier this month. read more

Hitman Episode 2 to release April 26 - Hitman Episode Two – Sapienza for PS4 News

Hitman's second episode 'Sapienza' will release on Tuesday, April 26, IO Interactive has announced.The episode will be available at no additional cost to owners of Hitman: The Full Experience, or as a £7. read more

Hitman gets new Sapienza screens

The next installment of Hitman, Episode 2, is called Sapienza and it launches next week on 26 April.A new batch of four screens have surfaced from Square today showing more of the Mediterranean themed content. read more

Hitman PC patch adds reconnect option, holstering and more

Ahead of next week’s release of Episode 2, Hitman has been updated on PC with a number of encouraging changes.You’ll also be able to hide challenge descriptions in the main menu, or make them less verbose with a ‘minimal’ option. read more

Agent 47 Heads To Italy In New Hitman: Episode 2 Trailer

The next stop on the assassin's world tour is Sapienza, an Italian resort that harbors a deadly secret.The virus has the potential of targeting specific DNA, which makes it the ultimate assassin. read more

Hitman's latest PC patch accidentally auto-locks graphics settings

The new PC patch for Hitman, released the other day, introduced a lot of welcome things (weapon holstering, UI toggles) and one not so welcome thing.Part of the update was a new “recommended” graphics settings button that you can press on the launcher; but it’s rather aggressive and applies them whether you want it to or not. read more

Hitman Dev Reveals Three Seasons Of Game Are Planned

The first season of the rebooted Hitman is still underway, but there is apparently a lot more in the pipeline for this new take on the series.While we had previously heard that the developer was planning to announce a second season of the game, it looks like there will even end up being another season after that one. read more