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See Apex’s past and your future in new Homefront: The Revolution teaser

We talk to our loved ones, send silly emojis and capture our memories using smartphones and cameras from great big Korean multinational technology companies.What if they were a gateway – a way for foreign governments to gain a foothold and start their own plans for domination? read more

Here's how you'll be winning hearts and minds in Homefront: The Revolution

We told you before that you’ll be battling for the hearts and minds of Philadelphia’s denizens in the impending Homefront: The Revolution.You have to inspire our countrymen – lead by example, and they’ll rise up as one. read more

Homefront: The Revolution Preview for PS4 (30 Mar '16) -

Instead, Homefront: The Revolution, in terms of its mechanics and systems (if not its setting) is as close to being a Far Cry game as it is possible without actually being one.If it was called Far Cry: The Revolution, no-one would question it all that much as it went on its way to selling, oh, five or so billion units. read more

Homefront: The Revolution's quality will 'surprise many people', says Deep Silver boss - Homefront: The Revolution for PS4 News

We had some challenges along the way, but we are determined to establish Homefront as a well-recognised IP in the shooter genre.The game is then believed to have changed direction, altering its approach from a linear campaign shooter to an open-world title. read more