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How not to suck at the Saxton Hale Mod-Chapter 1 The Bare Basics (unfinished dont post)

( abbreviated as ) (picture includes of 4 of the "Vanilla Bosses" L to R Vagineer, CBS, Saxton Hale, HHH) Starting off with the basics we have the mod Saxton Hale!which pits 1 player to play as Saxton Hale or the 4 other bosses (selected in a ordered Que list) against the entire server of players playing as the Mercenaries which can be as much as 1 v 31 madness. read more

NieR: Automata Guide: How To Self-Destruct

You can actually have your character self-destruct to take out all of the enemies near you, but that of course comes at a price.This guide will show you how to pull of this interesting move. read more