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Grab Tales from the Borderlands and more with the Telltale Humble Bundle

While Humble Bundle often have great gaming collections at ridiculously low prices, their last few offerings haven’t been particularly standout or memorable.The same can’t be said for this latest Humble Bundle. read more

New Humble Bundle Offers $144 Worth Of Telltale Games For $12

If you’ve got some spare cash and have been meaning to catch up on the many different Telltale Games series, then the latest Humble Bundle definitely has a deal you’re going to want to check out.For as little as $1 you can get 6 full Telltale games, which include the likes of Sam & Max, Back to the Future and The Walking Dead. read more

Humble SEGA Strategy Bundle is pretty amazing - Total War: Attila – Age of Charlemagne for PC News -

SEGA and Humble Bundle have joined forces to create the Humble SEGA Strategy Bundle, which is offering $379 of game content for as little as $12.Alternatively, pay more than the average price (currently $6. read more

Telltale's Humble Bundle features a whole lot of games for $12 -

A new Humble Bundle has launched, offering a collection of Telltale's finest – and not so finest – games for the fantastic price of only $12.As always you can opt to pay as little or as much as you like, though your games haul will only max out when paying more than $12. read more