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Plays, 26th March, 2016 -

If you're reading this article, looking sad that there's no update on my Football Manager career, I'm sorry.With embargoes in place, I can't say much, but I would like to restate how brilliant the game looks. read more

Plays, 19th March, 2016 -

I might pop into my old save once in awhile, but from next week I'm starting a new adventure - one that hopefully will be televised on the YouTube.I'm not sure what club I'll be managing yet. read more

Dark Souls 3 Multiplayer: Will it convert PvP noobs? -

Multiplayer is for true Dark Souls geeks, I always thought.It all seemed a little bit too much like hard work, until I had to do it for work, and now I'm sad to say that I'm actually enjoying it. read more

Definitely not a review but kind of actually a review of Stephen's Sausage Roll -

Honestly, I don't think I've ever been as frustrated with a game as I am with Stephen's Sausage Roll.This is a game with the word 'sausage' in the title. read more

The CRPG Addict Heathkit DND Retrospective

The CRPG Addict has penned a very thorough and interesting retrospective of 1981's Dungeons and Dragons, better known as "Heathkit DND" for being originally created for Heath DOS, the OS of the Heathkit line of computers.I'll freely admit I'm not as well-versed as I'd like when it comes to the history of CRPGs in the late 70s and the 80s, so I'm going to limit myself to quote a passage I found particularly interesting: I also recommend reading the comment thread appended to the article on CRPG Addict's blog, as it delves into alternate possibilities for the genesis of this title and the plagiarism controversies surrounding this spiritual "line" of games. read more