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Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin Announced By Square Enix

Square Enix announced Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin, a new RPG title that will launch in spring 2016.While not much is known about the announced title, it’ll feature Yoshinori Yamagishi as the producer, music by Motoi Sakuraba, and scenario written by Bun-O Fujisawa. read more

The Ten Commandments of Mobile Gaming

Tales of Link and the new Kingdom Hearts mobile game occupy 1GB each after in-game download.We understand that developers want to make traditional games on mobile devices, and that such devices have a severe lack of physical buttons. read more

Pokémon Comaster Videos Show Us Its Figure Fighting Action

Free-to-play smartphone game Pokémon Comaster recently released in Japan for Android, and a couple videos have surfaced giving us a glimpse of its board game-style action.] The above footage gives us a look at the main gameplay, which is pretty much the Pokémon Trading Figure Game on smartphone. read more

Miitomo Has About 4 Million Active Users, Estimated $280,000 In Weekly Revenue

Nintendo released their first smartphone app Miitomo late last month, and SurveyMonkey has provided an early analysis of how it’s been performing thus far.] According to SurveyMonkey, Miitomo has been downloaded 2. read more

Valkyrie Anatomia’s Story Is Set Before The First Valkyrie Profile

Square Enix recently revealed Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin, a new RPG scheduled to launch in spring 2016.The game’s producer Yoshinori Yamagishi had a couple things to say via his Twitter account earlier today. read more

Project: Rising By Square Enix Teased For Smartphone

Square Enix shared a new video for Project: Rising, an upcoming smartphone title that is expected to be revealed on April 19, 2016.Not much is known other than the title Project: Rising and that it’ll be for Android and iPhone, but we’ll find out more come Tuesday for its reveal. read more

Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin Announced For Smartphone, Gets Its First Trailer

We learned that Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin is a new RPG that takes place before the first Valkyrie Profile, and Square Enix shared a little more with the game’s first trailer.The trailer doesn’t show much as far as visuals go, but here’s what the narrator is saying: How long do you plan on continuing such a thing… We shall walk ahead of death, together. read more

We may never know how the FBI unlocked shooter’s iPhone

We know now that the FBI was able to gain access to an iPhone 5C belonging to the San Bernardino shooter thanks to an outside security firm.What we don’t know is how it was done or even who did it. read more

Protecting the Environment Is the App Store’s Latest Killer Feature

But the role of the App Store as an agent for environmental protection is an altogether new concept—and one that may be more powerful than any of Apple’s previous efforts.From now until April 24, a total of 27 apps on the App Store will donate 100 percent of their proceeds from app purchases and select in-app content to the WWF. read more

Quantum Break Ringtone Available Now (Here's How to Get Them)

Ever find yourself rocking out to Quantum Break's awesome soundtrack?Well, now you can take it wherever you go and feel like your favorite characters at any time. read more

As fast as an iPhone 6s and as portable as an 5s: a winning mbination

The iPhone SE is, in terms of design, the iPhone 5s – but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.Above: the iPhone 5s (left) and the iPhone SE. read more

Latest rumour suggests iPhone 7 uld feature iPad Pro-esque Smart nnector

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus launched in September 2015, so now we're starting to excitedly think about what this year's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus could bring.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus, take a look at our iPhone 7 Plus release date and new features rumour roundup. read more

Apple shrinks iPhone 6S into 4-inch form factor iPhone SE -

Essentially, Apple appears to have taken the guts of the iPhone 6S and placed them inside its classic compact aluminium design of the 5S, updated with matte-chamfered edges, a colour-matched stainless steel Apple logo, and four metallic finishes.The phone features a 4-inch screen with 1136x640 pixel resolution at 326 ppi. read more

How to recover music that disappeared from your iPhone

However, technology is still pretty flawed, and sometimes does inexplicable things for seemingly no reason at all, like when iTunes suddenly loses track of all your music.Next up, you’ll need to check if iTunes thinks the missing music is still on your device. read more

Pokémon Comaster Is Now Available For iOS In Japan

The Pokémon Company’s latest smartphone game, Pokémon Comaster, has been been available for Android since last week, and the board game-style smartphone title is now available on iOS in Japan.[Thanks, Serebii. read more

Square Enix’s New Smartphone Action RPG Samurai Rising Is Kind Of Like Crystal Chronicles

Square Enix announced that their upcoming “ultimate action RPG” for smartphone, called Samurai Rising, will launch this spring in Japan.Here’s a look at its first trailer, showing off its gameplay. read more

Valkyrie Anatomia’s Key Visual Shows What Appears To Be Its Female Lead

Following the release of the teaser trailer for Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin, Square Enix’s new smartphone RPG that takes place before the first Valkyrie Profile gets a look at its first key visual.While we didn’t get much from the teaser trailer other than a few lines from the narrator, the key visual gives us a look at what appears to be the protagonist, names Renas Valkyria. read more

iPhone users hit with Apple ID expiration scam

Watch out, iPhone users.A text-message phishing scam, disguised as a note sent by Apple Support, aims to lure unsuspecting iPhone owners to share their usernames and passwords. read more