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Ratchet & Clank Strikes A Perfect Balance Between Old And New

In the original game Clank’s ship crashes on the planet’s surface, and Ratchet rushes to the scene to perform a daring last-minute rescue before the vessel explodes.Retooled to fit with the CG movie coming later this month, the new Ratchet & Clank’s version of that meeting is much more dramatic. read more

Unchained χ Is A Pleasant Little Slice Of Kingdom Hearts

It may be a free-to-play mobile port of a browser-based game, but Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ crams a lot of what series fans love into a tiny space.Prounounced Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi (Key), the newly-released in North America Android and iOS originated as a Japanese browser game in 2013. read more

Should You Come Back For Destiny’s April Update?

Needless to say, the April Update is nowhere near the size of that ambitious offering last September.But even stripping away considerations of the scope of the content, the April Update is a mixed bag of good and bad. read more