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The Division Incursions Require 'the Right Strategy and Perfect Coordination'

We will release the first Incursion, Falcon Lost, which is challenging content for advanced groups.” Going into some more specifics about this first Incursion, named Falcon Lost, Mannerfelt explained “Incursions are an endgame PvE group activity. read more

1st Major update for Tom Clancy's The Division

Yesterday, April 12, players of Tom Clancy's The Division got their hands on the first major update to the game since its release.Titled "Incursions", this content update is intended to keep players engaged after the main storyline is completed. read more

The Division Falcon Lost Incursion Tips and Guide

Completing the Incursion guarantees a gear set drop and some phoenix credits, which will boost your gear score.The recommended gear score for the Incursion on hard mode is 140, while the challenging mode is 160. read more

Ubisoft Is Planning On Punishing Players Who Used The Division Boss Exploit In Falcon Lost Incursion

Since that launch, some gamers have discovered an exploit in the Falcon Lost Incursion to more easily beat it, but Ubisoft is planning to drop the hammer on those who are cheating.However, soon some found an exploit that allowed you to more easily beat the Incursion and in turn get excellent gear as well, giving these players and unfair advantage over others in The Dark Zone. read more

The Division Guide: Tips For Beating The Clear Sky Incursion

1 update that brought the game’s first incursion with Falcon Lost and now the 1.2 update has arrived and brought us the second incursion that actually feels more like an extra story mission than the wave-based last incursion. read more