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Online Gambling Ban Bill Makes Its Way Through US Congress

On Wednesday, Senator Lindsay Graham and Representative Jason Chaffetz introduced legislation in their respective chambers that would ban most forms of online gambling in the country.The legislation would take online poker, slots, and other table games off the table for online casinos. read more

Google Fiber ends free 5Mbps Internet offer in Kansas City

The move coincides with Google expanding free Internet service for qualifying low-income customers.Instead of providing free Internet to anyone in Google's service area, the company will instead make targeted efforts to bring poor people online. read more

One Woman's Story Of Growing Up On The Seedy Underbelly Of The Internet

” For Kopas, the internet used to be a place that we actually visited, and explorers who braved its unruly jungle didn’t have the luxury of a map.But, it’s worth noting that some of what the internet used to offer wasn’t necessarily positive. read more

House votes to undermine net neutrality rules, and ISPs cheer

The House of Representatives today approved a Republican proposal that limits the Federal Communications Commission's authority to regulate Internet providers.But the bill defines "rate regulation" so broadly that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says it could prevent the commission from enforcing net neutrality rules against blocking and throttling. read more

Why You Can’t Find Prince’s Music Online

But one thing has been noticeably absent from the public display of mourning: links to all of the music that Prince’s fans adore and celebrate.Here is the reason you can’t post a video of “When Doves Cry” with your “RIP Prince” post on Facebook: Prince believed that artists should be paid, and the internet does not facilitate that. read more

Prince had a legendary love/hate relationship with technology

Two years later, Prince’s music could be found on exactly zero streaming services.Certainly not every Prince release produced a hit on the level of "When Doves Cry" or "1999. read more

Steam Might Allow VPN's Following Internet Privacy Vote says Gabe Newell

There’s a whole lot going on though, with the latest controversy being a vote in the Senate and House of Representatives that essentially rolled back many internet privacy provisions.This now means that your internet service provider has the ability to sell your internet history to outside parties, without your knowledge or consent. read more