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Tyranny Previews and Audio Interview

A fistful of new news regarding Obsidian Entertainment's upcoming CRPG Tyranny has made its way to the web this weekend, starting with an article on PCGamesN that shares information on the game while also quoting game director Brian Heins: Next, we move to a standard GDC-based preview on HardcoreGamer: Before concluding with an audio interview with game director Brian Heins on AM 640 (via SoundCloud). read more

Making The Game You Want to Play: A Talk With Pharaoh Rebirth+’s Kurobon

Even he wants something that he couldn’t find elsewhere, and part of that desire for a specific kind of action game is what birthed Pharaoh Rebirth+.That game was the predecessor for Pharaoh Rebirth, the game I recently released. read more

Interview: Bombservices' Rdein talks about the Momodora series, his inspirations, and 2D game design

We chat with Bombservice developer/artist Rdein about the new Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, the overall series, his inspirations and 2D animation.Recently, Bombservice has released their latest game Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight (Momodora: RUtM) for Steam. read more

Betrayal at Krondor: Remastered Blog Update and Audio Interview

Betrayal at Krondor designer Neal Hallford continues to update his official blog with new entries to the "Krondor Confidential" series, with Part V briefly discussing the RPG's storyline before profiling some of the game's original developers at Dynamix.Additionally, Neal has pointed us to an audio interview he did with Shane Plays regarding Betrayal at Krondor: Remastered, which I've embedded below: read more

Gaming Steve | Gaming Steve Episode 13 – 05.24.2005

Here it is, the podcast where I sit down with gaming legend Will Wright and talk to him about Spore.In addition to the interview with Will I also cover: Get the podcast from this page (79 minutes): Gaming Steve Episode 13. read more

Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Interview

Game industry-oriented website Develop has interviewed the CEO of Beamdog Trent Oster, who was asked about the recent controversy surrounding Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.Thankfully, though, the interview doesn't just focus on social media politics, which I have to confess I've grown a bit tired of by now, but also delves into the studio's own culture and processes. read more

Gaming Steve | Gaming Steve Episode 14 – 06.06.2005

Here it is, part two of my interview with gaming legend Will Wright where we talk more about Spore.In addition to the interview I also cover: Get the podcast from this page (87 minutes): Gaming Steve Episode 14. read more

Excalibur Games opens up about new Steam Greenlight title Jalopy

You would have a game like the indie title Jalopy; which will be available for early access on April 22nd.Gameskinny: Jalopy's story and setting are pretty unique in modern gaming. read more

Hyperdimension Neptunia Editor Nick Doerr Talks Localization

Nick Doerr, developer of Undead Darlings, did a Q&A with NicheGamer’s readers about his past work as editor for the Hyperdimension Neptunia games with NIS America.The interview delves into why several decisions were made in regards to Hyperdimension Neptunia’s localization, and why they get made for localizations in general. read more

Industry Producer Interview project part 1: Job Analysis of a Games Producer

This article is under review by the community - Current moderation totals:Mark as peer reviewed: 0 votesStill needs work: 0 votes Industry Producer Interview project part 1: Job Analysis of a Games Producer By Eric Chou | Published Apr 20 2016 04:02 AM in Production and Management Note: Please offer only , comments - we are looking to promote a positive atmosphere where collaboration is valued above all else. read more

Rethinking Video Game Novels With Boss Fight Books

We talked with Durham to find out how Boss Fight Books touches on the personal side of gaming, stays on people’s radar, and what the future of the small press looks like.I feel like some video game books come off as too clinical. read more