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Ubisoft has found the issue that's wiping The Division agents on Xbox One

Yesterday, we told you of an unfortunate bug on the Xbox One version of The Division that seems to be wiping some player characters.If you’ve been playing a game for hours only to have your character disappear in to the digital ether, you’re probably going to be really, really pissed off. read more

Demo Derby: PlayStation Underground: Volume 2 Issue 1

This concludes my trilogy of contributions to Demo Derby (I gave these Undergrounds to Drew at PAX last year).Hope y'all enjoy the MST3K stuff in this issue. read more

DIYer Finds Fix For Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Issue

It seems most of the reviewers given Nintendo Switch consoles before launch noticed a problem with the gaming console’s signature controllers, the Joy-Cons, and specifically the left one.Some of that may sound extreme, but one YouTube video maker went beyond that and actually opened up his Joy-Con to find the issue himself. read more