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The 7 greatest nut shots in video games: an abridged history -

Haven't we been doing this in video games forever?There is still one kill which gives us The Fear, and it's the last one in this video. read more

Stories: The Path of Destinies Released on PC and PS4

It's currently 10% off, however, bringing the price down to a very slightly more affordable $13.89. read more

The 7 Best Nut Shots In Games - Sniper Elite 4 for PS4 News -

Is one of Sniper Elite's primary reasons for being – that you can shoot more men's testicles than a porn cameraman – really a selling point?Haven't we been doing this in video games forever? read more

Dark Souls 'big' news is... a clothing collection - Dark Souls 3 for PS4 News

Bandai Namco's "big Dark Souls news" isn't that it's releasing Dark Souls 3 early or that it's working on a current-gen remaster of the original game.No, it's for a new clothing collection that's available now from the publisher's online store. read more

Ben Affleck gets sad reminiscing about Dark Souls - Dark Souls 3 for PS4 News

Who knew that Batman v Superman star Ben Affleck was such a huge fan of Dark Souls?A new video posted by the game's official Twitter account reveals just how much the games mean to the actor, writer and director. read more

's RPG Podcast Hosts a Dark Souls 3 Review Roundtable

Axe of the Blood God is our weekly RPG podcast hosted by Kat Bailey.In this week's episode of Axe of the Blood God (download link here), Bob and Phil Kollar return to talk about one of the biggest releases of the spring - Dark Souls 3. read more

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture confirmed for PC - Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture for PC News

Acclaimed PS4 mystery Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is coming to the PC, developer The Chinese Room has confirmed.The game's transition to PC seemed inevitable, with optimised AMD drivers for the game even being released. read more

Plays, 2nd April, 2016 -

Flashy arcade racing this isn't; challenging, whiteknuckle, edge of your seat driving it is.What do you mean you've never heard of it? read more

Overwatch Preview for PS4 -

No other pretender may stand against WoW and win, and Blizzard, presumably, wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.But then Blizzard saw that there were, and looked down and whispered: "Let's do a team first-person shooter, like Team Fortress 2. read more

VR needs to go wireless to become mainstream - and other safety concerns when playing in VR -

I'm not an expert on video technology.I'm not sure how many 'mainstream' consumers know or will be ready to accept the sheer amount of faff there is associated with VR. read more

Captain America: Civil War review – a knockout punch ()

And without it, Captain America: Civil War simply wouldn't work.In fact, the only thing that is clear is that this is a conflict that won't end amicably. read more

Note Block Beat Box: Listening to Hopes and Dreams from Undertale

It's difficult to talk about how perfectly Undertale's Hopes and Dreams ties into the game's story without dipping into major spoiler territory.Toby Fox's retro-style RPG earned a lot of dedicated fans when it hit Steam last fall. read more

Plays VR, 16th April, 2016 -

Of all the VR games I've dabbled with, it's the mountain demo inside Valve's The Lab that impressed me the most.This suite of tech demos is really cool, but standing on a rock, looking down over a drop to the valley far, far below, was the highlight. read more

Why Sony's PS4 'Neo' is a natural evolution of the console cycle -

Yes, the Neo/4K/4.* It seems, then, that the biggest issue with Neo isn't its prowess, but its precedent. read more

Whispers of the Old Gods: Designing C'Thun, the State of the Hunter, and Lessons Learned From The Grand Tournament

So, that's really really important to us, and I think that's the biggest lesson learned from all of the decks.USG: And you're giving everybody a free C'Thun just to jumpstart that, essentially. read more

Netflix is 'open minded' about adding offline viewing

When questioned on Netflix's steadfast commitment to streaming, Hastings said, "We should keep an open mind on this.A likely factor is Amazon Prime – arguably Netflix's chief rival in the streaming video market – beating Hastings and co. read more

Doom PC Open Beta Impressions: Hybrid Theory

Do you remember the heyday of Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament?It's not perfectly in touch with those roots, but it definitely feels like a successor to Quake III Arena. read more

Double Fine is Publishing a Console Release of the Rhythm Game 140

First released for PC and Mac in 2013, 140 was put together by Carlsen Games.Indeed, 140's music is pretty energetic, and the sound of the trailer alone gets into your blood. read more

Star Fox Zero Review -

The first time you turn into a chicken during Star Fox Zero, you'll undoubtedly be a little confused.In fact, when Star Fox finds its feet, it's really rather decent. read more