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Train Jam: Onboard the cross-country game jam

I've gathered with nearly 200 others in the restaurant in Chicago's Union Station to witness the kickoff of Train Jam 2016, Wallick's cross-country game jam.Vanaman compares Firewatch to a two-year game jam in which the team learned how to make a game outside of its comfort zone. read more

Backstory episode 5: On the Train Jam with Adriel Wallick

This episode is all about the 2016 Indie Train Jam, a 52-hour game jam held each year aboard Amtrak's California Zephyr train line between Chicago and San Francisco.My guest is Adriel Wallick, the organizer of Train Jam and a game developer herself. read more

Guest Column: Constraint Breeds Creativity

You obviously have economical constraints, geographical constraints, cultural constraints language constraints.Even outside of the game jam context, constraint was a tool used by Campo Santo to help get Firewatch over the line. read more