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Xbox veterans form new mixed reality studio, LOOOK

A pair of Xbox veterans has formed a new mixed reality studio, LOOOK, and it's first move will be to forge a strategic development partnership with the AR developer, Asobo Studio.He left Microsoft in 2013 to pursue opportunities in investment and consultancy. read more

JuiceBox Games shutting down

Michael Martinez, CEO and founder of JuiceBox Games, has announced the San Francisco studio's closure in a comprehensive blog post.Which begs the question, why didn't we build good enough games? read more

Q-Games gets new creative producer

Japanese multimedia artist Baiyon has joined Q-Games on a permanent basis.He's worked with them in the past, including overseeing the art design and sound direction for a Playstation 3 title PixelJunk Eden. read more

Platinum Games' president has stepped down - Report

jp that Star Fox Zero's developer Platinum Games has replaced its boss Tatsuya Minami.According to our own Rob Fahey's translation, Minami actually stepped down at the end of March, and has been replaced by executive director Kenichi Sato. read more

NRG eSports appoints new CEO

LA's NRG eSports has a new CEO in Andrew Pruett, formerly the Global Head of iAd Publisher Relations at Apple."I am honored to join and work alongside the best in class business leadership--spanning traditional sports, marketing, media, technology, entrepreneurship and esports athletes," Pruett told ESPN. read more

Intel to cut 12,000 staff

Technology company Intel has revealed plans to cut thousands of employees by 2017."Today we are announcing a restructuring initiative that will allow Intel to intensify our investments in the products and technologies that fuel our growth, and drive more profitable mobile and PC businesses," said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich in an email to employees. read more

Alex St. John: Shut up and be grateful for your 80 hour weeks

[Update] By now you've probably all read Alex St.They complain that the long hours and personal sacrifices great games require are a consequence of poor management. read more

Gumi withdraws from Canada, Germany, Sweden

[UPDATE]: Gumi cut a lot deeper than just the Vancouver office.A representative confirmed for GamesIndustry. read more