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Mysterious, unverifiable new letter surfaces: “Matthew Keys is innocent”

It will likely have no material impact on the forthcoming appeal in Keys' conviction.These e-mails taunted Fox 40 for its lax security and claimed to have taken a number of Fox 40 viewers' e-mail addresses from a company marketing database. read more

Corsair Rapidfire mini-review: Low-profile mechanical keys, anyone?

Enter the K70 and K65 Rapidfire keyboards, which are kitted out with the all-new mechanical Cherry MX Speed switch.By contrast, my mechanical switch of choice, the Cherry MX Brown, has a much larger 2mm actuation distance and 55g actuation force. read more

G2A Says All Keys They Sell Are Legitimate

According to a statement sent to Game Revolution, G2A says that all the sales of keys on their website are legitimately acquired.“The reality is that the keys on G2A. read more