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Here's a closer look at the Dark Souls 3 Red Knight statue

However, when I saw the Red Knight statue that came in the Dark Souls 3 Collector’s Edition that I bought for my other half (from the awesome people at AWX), I was blown away.The statue that came with the Dark Souls 2 collector’s Edition was also impressive, there’s no doubt, but this one is even more so. read more

Nintendo Switch Adds Shovel Knight To Its Launch Lineup

The Nintendo Switch’s launch lineup has drawn some criticism due to the lack of games that will be available right out of the gate, though today we learn that some indie games will be stepping in to make things a little better.The big one is Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and its Specter of Torment expansion, which will also be joined by Fast RMX on the console on March 3rd. read more

FFXV Universe Title King's Knight Releasing This Year for Mobile

Part of the E3 briefing on the new projects related to Final Fantasy XV was the confirmation that the loosely related spin-off King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon will be released this year on mobile platforms for free.The game is a scrolling shooter set in a medieval fantasy world. read more