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Chinese Developed Title KOI Swims Onto PS4 On April 19

At the time, it was given a vague Spring release window, but now the game has officially received a launch date and it is very soon.Coming from the independent Chinese publisher Oasis and developed by Chinese developer Dotoyou, KOI will be releasing next week on April 19 in the US exclusively for the PS4. read more

Purify Polluted Waters With Beauty In KOI

A lone koi fish looks to make its way home along the polluted waters of KOI, bringing beauty and peace to the denizens and waters on its journey in the new release for PS4.Players will control the fish across eight stages, finding that what was once beautiful and tranquil has turned hostile and dark. read more

Koi Comes to PlayStation 4 from Mobile, and it's a Thin Fish

I was understandably curious about how Koi would be re-tooled for consoles, so I gave the PlayStation 4 release a try.In both realms you're stalked by huge black fish who charge you as soon as they snag you in their sights. read more